Bill, CT Personal Trainer

Horizon Personal Training and Nutrition in Transformation

In 12 weeks time I lost over 30 lbs of fat and gained muscle going from an overweight, slow and sad person to a lean energetic, proud confident and physically fit person! As you can see, not everyone has his or her best body all the time. Many life changes can result in physical changes. I was very unhappy with my job along with many other things in my life. When you can focus on changing just one thing it will lead to all areas of your life. When you can fight and give something your all to accomplish a goal, you program your mind to do the same. The ancient Greeks said long ago “When you strengthen your body, you strengthen your mind.” I didn’t realize the sad life I was leading until I took a good look at it. I was known by my family & peers as a big grump. After completing my transformation something kept growing inside of me. A strong confidence that I could do anything I put my mind to. I never thought I would see the day that I was starting my own business. I decided to call it Horizon Personal Training and Nutrition. Horizon meaning, never ending, always striving for more! I was also featured in Muscle Media and several other magazines and local newspapers. Who would have thought?

My goal is to change the fitness industry. Would you believe most personal trainers want you to have slow progress so you keep coming back to them, paying up to $200 an hour? Or maybe you don’t know about the amount of steroids circulating in gyms. I want to show everyone that with a scientific program that can easily be performed you to can construct your best body! And it can cost you less than it does to repair your car. Yet people buy these nice new cars and can’t afford to go to a show or movie once in a while.

It seems that whenever someone creates good fortune for themselves, a lot of people or cynics write it off a “stupid luck.” Yeah, I wish! I like to call it smart opportunity capitalism. Most of the time luck doesn’t just happen to people; there is a lot of doing involved. You can’t expect to catch the big fish (and believe me you won’t) unless you drop your hook in the water. Increase your chance of good fortune by keeping your eyes open to opportunity, and make a habit of casting your line. If you won’t a better life and body, start exercising and eating right now! If you don’t know what you are doing to begin, go out and get a personal trainer! You will be amazed how your success will change your life; it did for me and so many others! –Bill Yeager owner of Horizon Personal Training and Nutrition