3 Obvious Success Patterns

BY Bill Yeager


Have you noticed the trend in America? The old stereotypes of physique development are being radically overthrown. This paradigm shift has spawned a whole new breed of something much greater. People from all walks of life – men and women, young and old, medically challenged, obese and even those in “good health.” These people are transforming their bodies faster than ever dreamt possible. But not only are they building new bodies, they’re discovering a new lifestyle that is creating more success in all areas of their lives.

I know you’ve seen them, they’re everywhere. Before and after photos of people who have made awesome transformations. They are used in a lot of the fitness ads you see everywhere. Make no mistake, this is happening. I believe that the success these people have had creates a powerful force that can help everyone, including you, experience the same amplification and thrill of LIFE accomplishments. Please understand, success leaves footprints, and over the years these patterns become obvious. I have discovered 3 of the most important (and most overlooked) aspects to drive your desire into results in record time. So if you are looking to create a real lifestyle change and finally put your physique development goals to rest then understand the following 3 tips and apply them immediately.

Tip#1: Do not Rely on Trial & Error!

Trial and error is a slow learning process which will not give you results fast enough to keep motivating you to achieve more. You could have every powerful and emotional reason in the world to get you to make an initial decision to change, but if you aren’t positively rewarded then discouragement settles in which destroys your motivation and drive. When the constant feeling of defeat is attached to any circumstance it makes it more difficult to trust that your goals can be reached.

It’s actually very simple, find someone who has achieved the same result you want, and do what they did. I don’t mean finding the same drug or “fast acting” pill either. Using drugs and weird supplements will never give you the quality of life you deserve. Be conscious and choosy with your decisions. Think of it this way, if you wanted to bake brownies (or whatever) the exact same way that your friend made them, you would follow their recipe, right? Or would you rely on trial and error to figure it out? What do you think would create the most efficient way to get the result you want? Hopefully you answered, follow the recipe! The lesson is, don’t reinvent the wheel, simply follow a proven plan and you will get the same spectacular results as well!

Tip #2: Set the Deadlines!

Deadlines will accelerate motivation (motive for action) and results! When you set a deadline it gives you positive pressure, anticipation and a reason to create results within a certain period of time. Once your deadline is established, your brain begins to clarify the actions needed to be successful. I’m sure you can relate this to some circumstance you’ve had in the past, right? Maybe for an exam in high school, college, or perhaps a deadline in business that absolutely had to get done. Most commonly there could be repercussions if the deadline is not met as well, such as failing the exam or being reprimanded by your superior. Where possible you should create some sort of penalty for not achieving the deadline, it amplifies your actions and creates an awesome sense of purpose! A great idea would be to tell as many people as you know what your goal is and when it will be achieved. By doing this you are also held accountable to not only yourself but to others as well. (Remember positive pressure!) Unfortunately most people begin a routine but never set any deadlines, much less one that carries a penalty. Therefore, the extraordinary and motivating potential that deadlines have are not experienced. After seeing 1000’s of people make remarkable transformations, it becomes obvious that deadlines were a primary factor of their success! Many people who have struggled in the past who have merely taken out a calendar and marked it have expressed that by doing so was like they hit the “on button” for clarity, motivation and commitment. You must take your deadline seriously, by honoring it; you know that you can do it as long as it’s at least by that date. Once you have reached that point you can take another look and assess any new goals from there.

The step is very simple, take out a calendar, count 12 weeks from now and write your specific goal on the end date. Be sure to write it as an affirmative statement by using the words “I will” instead of “I hope”. Then copy and put the calendar in places you can see it every day so you can mark the “countdown” as you proceed. Just knowing in your head isn’t enough, by affirming and seeing it every day will help further commit you, hold you accountable and give you the power of positive pressure toward your success!

Tip #3: Harness the Power of Pressure!

Somewhere in our lives most of us are taught that we should coast through life and avoid the pressure situations. Actually this is a good thing at times but not all the time. We need both low pressure and high pressure experiences in our lives as a balance. Too much of either is not good. A lot of stress (which is a code word for fear) can destroy the mind and body, too little won’t let the mind and body grow or improve. When you practice dealing with pressure then you get better at what you are doing, which will lead to a great thing called “improvement”. If we do not progress in areas of our lives then the only other option is to regress, there is no middle of the road! When you’ve conquered a pressure situation and improved from it 2 major things happen. One, you feel excited and confident about yourself. Two, you’ve learned something that you can now contribute to help others. One of our universal laws is to give to ourselves for improvement so we can in-turn give to others for theirs!

The fact is, we are all capable of achieving so much more than what we may believe, but our environment can “smother” our potential by teaching or convincing us that pressure and growth is a bad thing. Most commonly these are people in our peer groups who may not hurt us intentionally, but unconsciously feel if you progress then they will in some way be left behind. After a short period of time this conditioning teaches us that pressure is an obstacle instead of a powerful driving and motivational force that it really is!

Having a start and end date to an exercise and eating plan is a great start. Find more pressure than the date itself. Get creative, start or enter a contest, book a vacation, book a photographic shoot, tell all your friends, the list goes on. Find something that will further commit you, things you will equate a lot of displeasure if you do not create a great change, I mean really put something sizable on the line. You need to invite pressure into the process because if the going gets tuff, what is there to loose if you fall short? Having something at stake turns up the pressure!

The lesson here is, don’t consider yourself “lucky” if you don’t have pressure in your life! Go out and find it to create improvement for yourself and your loved ones. You are meant to have a quality life and in that life there is fulfillment which only comes from pushing against resistance to grow!

Every day that you don’t apply these simple techniques is another day that you delay the amazing rewards a new physique will give you. The power to succeed is among us all and rightfully ours and no one can take that away!