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Horizon Personal Trainers Craig and myself, Jerome lead the stretch to begin the walk for the American Cancer Society Relay for Life of Cheshire CT, which was quite the experience. Although this was the 19th year that it has been run in Cheshire, this was my first time going. Over 500 people were at the relay, along with many business/sponsors, and several food trucks to fuel the participants who walked many miles at the Cheshire high school track.
The event kicked off at 1PM with exceptionally high energy led by Cory from Country 92.5 radio. Cory charmed the participants with great humor and passion as she pinpointed the meaning and purpose of the event with a true anecdote of her own experience with dealing with cancer alongside a family member. She explained how crucial it is to raise funds for cancer research so society as a whole can benefit when it comes to battling the # 2 leading cause of death in the United States.
Just prior to when the walking started, I assisted in leading a warm up along with my general manager at Horizon Personal Training and Nutrition, Craig. Cancer survivors at the event were in the front of the crowd as the DJ began began to play music, and every person at the relay joined in on the warm up. Everyone was in sync and having a blast as they loosened up and got their blood flowing, preparing themselves for the relay.
Witnessing a community come together for such an important purpose provided a feeling that cannot be topped by any ordinary event. This occasion showed me that despite all the negativity going on around the world, it is indeed okay to continue to have faith in humanity. Over $120,000 dollars were raised at the Cheshire Relay for Life fundraiser in order to fund cancer research. This event was not only a great success, but also a heartwarming, meaningful, and fun time.
I appreciate the other staff and personal trainers from our facility who came to be a part of such a great event with me.


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