Connecticut Personal Trainer Testimonial by Amy

Connecticut Personal Trainer Testimonial by Amy


By hptadmin | In Personal Trainer Testimonials | on July 13, 2016

Looking for a personal trainer in CT?
Read this testimonial from our friend Amy!
Congratulations AMY!!!CT Personal Trainer, Amy

“I was lucky enough to learn about Horizon Personal Training from a Groupon. Since I started working out at Horizon Personal Training I immediately noticed results! I had my second baby in June of 2015 and was stuck with my workouts. My personal trainer, Josh got me moving on my nutrition plan and workouts! I started having fun and enjoying workouts again. It was definitely the boost I needed to get over the post-baby hump and get back into shape. I have even trained with another personal trainer, Nene and she kicked my butt just as much as Josh does! Everyone is so nice and supportive! I sustained a knee injury and Josh worked around it and the results just kept coming, it was like I never skipped a beat during the month I couldn’t do ANY lower body! Now I am down to my pre-pregnancy weight from my first child! Horizon personal training in CT is great-highly recommended!!”


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