From your Fitness Trainer in Middletown, CT Here are some tips for your routines!

Need a personal fitness trainer in Middletown, Connecticut or nearby Cheshire, CT? In this article you will learn some tips on your fitness routine. This article will go over Toning up on the treadmill, giving yourself breaks, eating the right types of food, eating the right amount of food, and charting your progress. A very important part of training for either a sport or training just to lose weight is to run on the treadmill. Your body running on the treadmill vs just working out is a big difference. Your body will look more toned if you run as well, and you will have more endurance to do your training in the weight room. Another tip is to make sure you are taking breaks during your new fitness training routine. Not only between sets but one day during the week you should have a break day. Your body needs a day to take a break and rebuild. Whether you don’t workout on that day, or take some cheat meals. You have to be healthy mentally as well, eating the foods your body wants sometimes, but only once a week. Eating an unhealthy food once a week is healthy, but making it a habit is not. Remember you must eat the right type of food, which may be hard to figure out by yourself. Having a personal trainer in ct will help you out with not only what to eat but how much to eat. The reason many people don’t see results is because they may be doing their routine wrong, maybe not in the weight room but with their nutrition. The nutrition part of a routine is about 70% of your progression. If you workout as hard as you can it will not be as worth it if you don’t eat the right way. Having a Personal Trainer in CT will be able to come up with a nutrition plan to make sure you are making the best of your workout. Eating the right amount of food is very important, if you’re supposed to eat steak how much should you eat? It varies between the person, and is very hard to calculate not having a fitness background. A Personal training facility in CT can make that easy for you. Look us up if you’re interested in a personal trainer in Middletown Connecticut. Now something that is very important is writing not only your goals down but your progression. Writing your goals down is very important but seeing your progression is even more important because you are motivated by your results so far and make them better. There is much more to talk about this in another post!

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