Before we start personal training, we all have our own beliefs or some one has told us false information to strength training. When in reality there are so may myths in personal training. For women, they believe the thought “personal training or training will make them bigger, and I don’t want to be bigger”. That is however not how it works; it is actually very hard for women to get bigger because they don’t have as much testosterone as men do. This is why men can get bigger and stronger faster than women can. Many myths to personal strength training actually stops many people from working out when really they would benefit. Some other myths are “When I stop fitness training I will lose all my muscle and gain fat”. This is not correct but if you would like to keep getting stronger it will be necessary to keep working out. If you want to keep your weight you don’t need to continue fitness training, but you need to eat the right way. What’s the right way to fitness training you may ask? For every person it is different, Looking up  fitness training online and researching is so hard because every person is actually different. Having a personal trainer and a nutrition trainer as we provide that for you will make sure you not gain weight after not working out. We at Horizon Personal training serves Waterbury CT and many surrounding towns of the Cheshire CT location. If you have the right nutrition training you can actually lose weight by just walking around because your body in a sense is working out and burning calories. Another myth we always hear is that “strength training will make me less flexible”. If you’re training the wrong way and DO Not stretch or warm up then yes you will become very tight and not flexible. There are many ways people work out that could be actually damaging your body, rather than helping. Having a Horizon personal trainer in CT will make sure you have the right techniques and make sure you’re not hurting yourself, but make you better yourselves. Some Myth we hear is “Will I have to use barbells and machines”. Some people do not like using machines or barbells which is understandable. If that is a fear or if you are uncomfortable with it then we can switch it out. We will make sure your experience with a personal trainer in ct is fit for you, which is what personal training is all about.  Please look us up if you live in Waterbury CT.

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