Need a personal fitness trainer in Wallingford, Connecticut or surrounding towns of Cheshire, CT? Running is a very important type of fitness exercise; it builds not only endurance but helps you at the same time train for strength in your legs. If you’re a runner though, here are some tips to improve your skills. Some exercises you can do at home or even with a on of our personal trainers, is planks, toe-touches, leg swings, and donkey kicks. If you do a minute or two of each of these exercise every day you will make it easier on yourself while you run as you will make your core much stronger and you will increase your flexibility and overall fitness. Another way to make running easier is running with the correct form. Many people struggle running not because they have bad endurance, but because there form is wrong making yourself more tired than you should be. Do not change your form in total, but work with one our personal trainers on running. You could also try to correct your form at home. Watch some videos of Olympic runner, and try to mirror what they do, don’t change your whole style of running but watch there swinging of the arms matching there legs. Lastly and most important to avoid hurting yourself, you should give yourself a so called massage on your muscle. If you have a foam roller that is great! Using a foam roller is great to use because you’re targeting the spots in your legs and loosening them to decrease the risk of injury after being sore. Remember that exercising is a great feeling as long as you do it the right way, as long as you have good form and progress than you will enjoy working out. If you are a runner than run like the professionals. To become better at running you must improve. Take these tips and try to implement them into your morning routine or maybe on break. Look us up if you’re interested in a personal trainer in Wallingford CT we will help you make these choices and will push you to limits as you should be doing. Even personal trainers should have personal trainers. Having one on one training has been proven to work way better no matter what kind of training it is, whether it is running or lifting weights. There is always something you could improve on that will help them in a different subject. If a personal trainer in ct corrected your form on running then you will be able to run way farther and faster than you could before.


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