Your Personal Trainer in CT Discussing Breakfast

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Why is your personal trainer in CT feel Breakfast so Important?

Having Breakfast in the morning isn’t just an energy boost, and a great start to the day but having a healthy breakfast leads to many health benefits. There are so many studies that prove eating a healthy breakfast improves your concentration not only at work but if you attend school it helps you focus and obtain information better. You also will have more strength and endurance throughout the day. Having a meal first thing when you wake up is very important, not only for an adult but mostly for children and teens. It will be a great energy boost and you will perform better not only at work but in the weight room and with yours truly when training at our personal training facility in Connecticut. Why is this you may ask? Well, if you eat a healthy meal in the morning it influences your whole body to eat healthy the rest of the day.

The opposite of this works in the same theory, if you wake up & go to Dunkin Donuts and grab a donut and a great tasting but unhealthy drink or coffee your mind is going to keep wanting a coffee and something that tastes good like donuts. Eating these bad foods in the morning are just going to make you feel less inspired to go to the gym or be inspired to get a personal trainer in ct.  If you have a healthy breakfast on the other hand you trick your body into not “needing” those treats. Your body will want to eat good food rather than bad because you feel better, you have more energy. Skipping Breakfast on the other hand is just as bad as having an unhealthy breakfast. Having breakfast is also a great time to boost your brain activity which makes you in a sense smarter throughout the day. A good breakfast leads to good blood sugar levels, and is a great for a memory boost in the day. We all have our bad days, and we all have our good days. We blame it on many things but most of the “bad day” statements come from not starting your morning off right. You get up and get ready for work or school, skip breakfast and you realize half way through your day you’re tired. If you have breakfast in the morning great! You could learn what a perfect meal would be by coming to Horizon, and Find a Personal training plan specialized for you.


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