Stop Stress With Nutritional Choices by your favorite CT Personal Trainer!

What if I told you that you could stop a great amount of stress by just changing your eating habits and your nutrition. Yes, if you change your eating habits you can make less stress in your life. If you have not read our post about how important breakfast is, then you should read it to see that breakfast is a big part of distressing. If you have the right foods in your nutrition you can bring your stress levels down, having unhealthy foods like chocolate or something that has a lot of sugar in it makes you feel good, but then after it you have that feeling that you shouldn’t have ate it. You should not have it, because you have ups and downs with your eating. Don’t believe me? Eat a healthy protein bar, sure it doesn’t taste good but you will feel better after eating it making the rest of your day is less stressful. If you have some great tasting ice cream you are going to enjoy the food at that time but not after, throughout the day you will be stressed because your goal may be to lose weight or to gain muscle and doing this makes it harder to do this. Yes having a cheat meal maybe once a week is okay, but most people just make a habit by eating bad foods such as ice cream, pizza, french fries, and foods from fast food places. Just looking at fast food should make you cringe because if you knew what was in it and how its made it will just keep hurting your body which keeps making you stressed out. So what are good foods to eat? First off, there are many ways to relieve stress by eating the right foods. Eating the right foods for your body can be found out by your personal trainer. If you have a personal trainer in Connecticut, you are able to find out what your body needs to achieve your goals such as losing weight or gaining the muscle you’ve always wanted. Now what are some healthy foods that you can start off with to relieve some stress? Some great foods to start off with are fruit such as berries, avocados apples! Having fruit in your diet not only relives stress but puts you in an overall better mood. Having vegetables and nuts in your diet will also help out take some stress from your life. Having a healthy nutrition and lower stress levels will also make you more willing to go the gym as you will feel better about your emotional results. Look us up to learn more if you live in Waterbury, Wallingford, Meriden CT or other surrounding towns of our location in Cheshire!

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