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Horizon Personal Training and Nutrition serves Waterbury CT, Wallingford & surrounding towns. We aren’t just a gym in Cheshire CT because it’s all about you!

Soooo…. What’s your favorite motivational book? We all have read books, whether you like the book or not there is usually a part of the book that makes you feel a certain way. It could make you feel great by reading this motivational book where the author had an amazing journey throughout his life and you felt like you were with him or her. The feeling could have been sad, maybe because this character or the author had something sad in his or her life and they overcame it, or maybe they didn’t. No matter the book, no matter the character, we should all have a motivational book to read once in a while. Why should you have a motivational book you may ask? People are bound for success when they wish to be like someone, and or create & reach goals. Who would like to be a millionaire? You don’t just keep wishing to win the lottery, but if you want it so badly you look for someone who is a millionaire and follow there footsteps using there methods and there inspiration. Maybe what you are seeking isn’t to become a millionaire, maybe you just want a simple happy and healthy life with your family. How will you achieve this? Will you get a personal trainer in Connecticut wanting to be motivated by them? Yes, Of course our Personal trainers are great motivators, but maybe you don’t want to be like them. There are thousands of motivational speakers and writers out there, finding them is the easy part. Following them and becoming like them is the best part, sure you will have to fight your battles, workout with intensity and eat the right way. In the end though, that’s the best feeling in the world, achieving your goal that you have wanted to all your life, whether it be gaining muscle, losing weight, or even earning that million dollars that you have always wanted. No matter what you want, I guarantee that someone has done it, or done something close to it. If someone else did it, so can you! No matter where you live in Connecticut, we can help you reach your goals!

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