If you’re looking for the best gym in Connecticut, look no further you’ve found it at our facility!

What Makes Horizon Personal Training So Special?

We Take Your Fitness Goals Personally!

You won’t find the “big box, cookie-cutter” gym experience at Horizon Personal Training and Nutrition. When we say “big box” we mean many of the gyms that are around today offer an impersonal experience. When you have fitness goals they are just that – your fitness goals. They are unique, they are individual, they are what make you what you are. Everyone has a different goal and more importantly everyone has a different body that can or cannot achieve that goal. Guess what, the most important part of that body is your brain – your mindset. How are you going to achieve the goal, how are you going to get your body to a fitness level that you’re proud of – to a fitness level that you feel healthy about? It is not always about how you look it’s how the total package comes together. How can you put your very best foot forward every morning? Helping you answer that question is our goal. In order to help you achieve your personal best – we have to take you quite personally!

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What Do You Like To Eat?

What and How Much You Ingest Is A Key Indicator Of Your Fitness Goal Progress!

Instead of employing a standard regimen of diet and exercise we here at Horizon take advantage of getting to know you and your eating habits. Professionals on staff will assist you with evaluating your dietary culture and transforming it into the mode by which you achieve your goals. As a result of this individualized planning your chances at success are much greater. You don’t have to be concerned about sticking to a diet. At Horizon you will learn how to adhere to a healthier dietary culture which incorporates your individual dietary style and preferences.

What Do You Like To Do?

How You Like To Move It Move It Is How We Do It Do It!

Bringing a new found excitement to your life is the foundation of how your fitness goals will be achieved. Everyone on our staff has personally had a revelatory experience in their own fitness journey. What we have found is that when your mindset has changed your body will follow. Pursuing fitness isn’t something you do when you go to the gym. Everyday tasks and errands become incorporated into your fitness routine. What you like to do recreationally can also become a part of your regimen. Want to learn more about the best gym in Connecticut? Call today!