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Strength can have different connotations depending on the situation, and normally it is always in a positive light. When it comes to physical strength we all slowly lose it as we get older, or after an injury, or even after prolonged periods of absence from exercise! Obviously with exercise we can increase this, and can help us in a variety of ways. From a Horizon Personal Trainer in CT to you, we will go over basics of strength and why strength training is beneficial for our bodies.

What is strength training?

Strength training is the use of resistance, in the form of weight, to produce stress on the muscle. Specifically training strength requires more weight than traditional fitness training, but can needs to be supervised if can be. When people traditionally train for strength they use of higher-controllable weight, and lower rep scheme to increase their physical strength. The weight used is dependent on the individual of course, but you should try to at least 60%-85% of your 1RM, or one rep max. The combination of compound and unilateral movements can complement each other, and furthur show gains. Secondly, depending on what the individual needs are, such as injury or adaptations, unilateral movements may be a better choice. An example of structuring strength training would be to have between 3-6 Sets, anywhere between 6-8 Reps, and a rest period of 1-2 minutes.

So now what are some benefits of strength training?

To start we will begin to increase the energy levels within ourselves to go about our daily lives. The increase in our basal metabolic rate, and increased metabolism of dietary nutrients, result in higher energy and longer-lasting stamina. Also decreased injury’s may happen when your muscles are stronger. Stronger muscles are better at adapting to environmental stress than weak muscles, and decreases the chance of injury during repeating or rapid movements. Being stronger also helps as we get older. Strong muscles contribute to the strong bones and joints by promoting healthy remodeling of bones with advancing age.

In this regard, it is noteworthy that individuals who have strong muscles and those who continue to work-out to maintain muscular strength tend to age slowly and are at lesser risk of developing fractures, osteoporosis or other defects of bone mineral density. Lastly, we can promote lean muscle mass in the body, which may lead to the decreased progression of illness’s for example; type 2 diabetes, osteoporosis, and some metabolic conditions such as breathing and constipation.

Training for strength has its benefits, and has a place in everyone’s workout routines. Remember that when using higher weight you have an increased chance of injury, and should always use a spotter or machine assists when possible. If needed always contact the help of a personal trainer, like us at Horizon Personal Training and Nutrition in CT.

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