Top CT Personal Trainer Cameron F. says it is time to stop talking about those fitness goals and to get up and do something about it! He explains just how to get started!

When individuals even gather the thought about taking up running most get nervous or scared. Most believing that the task at hand is going to require a lot of goal setting and a bunch of unnecessary preparation to begin. Running in fact does not require much to get started. All that you need is the shoes on your feet, and the desire to begin. This is the biggest hurdle, and once you get over it you will be able to start the runner’s journey. Does running require some dedication? Yes, but so does any other hobby/interest. A baseball player doesn’t become a better player by sitting around. They go out and practice or shoot hoops. A musician does not practice their instrument and seamlessly become a better musician. They practice almost all the time! Each individual needs some dedication to get better at what they do regardless of what they want to achieve. The same goes for individuals who start running, you need to run to get better! Beginner runner’s always start small and work their way up, and some fall into a trap of doing the opposite. To spark your dedication find just one reason that you want to start running; better health, marathon, enjoyment, etc… There are a million and one reasons why you would want to begin running, but all you really need is one that will ignite that dedication and drive. From there you can expand, but we want to keep it simple in the beginning.


Let us cover the benefits of why we would want to start running. To start, it will increase your overall health. Research shows that running may help with increasing good cholesterol while also increasing your lung capacity. On top of it, running can boost your immune system and reduce the number of blood clots. Along with losing weight, running can also help fend off diseases. Running can reduce the chance of an individual having a stroke, and doctors also recommended that individuals with early stages of osteoporosis, high blood pressure, and diabetes begin running. Also, by the heart’s arteries retaining their elasticity and strengthening the heart, the chance of a heart attack are reduced. Running will also assist in keeping weight off as well by burning extra calories.


Things to watch out for with running include burnout. Burnout is common in runners due to the urge to run as long/far as that individual can in the beginning. Running is a hobby that requires work and practice, but can see major benefits early. Always start slow and a good way to begin would be with a proper interval program. A beginner interval program for running should develop over several weeks, and sometimes months. A simple 4-week interval program is:


Week #1- Cardio three days a week, preferably in between strength/lifting days


30 seconds of running

60 seconds of walking


Repeat this interval for 20 mins, or for 1-2 miles.


Week #2- Three days a week again.


60 seconds of running

60 seconds of walking


Repeat interval for 20 mins, or for 1-2 miles.


Week #3- Three days a week again.


90 seconds of running

60 seconds of walking


Repeat interval for 30 mins, or for 2-4 miles.


Week #4- Three days a week again.


90 seconds of running

60 seconds of walking


Repeat interval for 40-50 mins, or for 3-5 miles.


As a top Personal Trainer in CT, I know running will take work and dedication, but should be fun as well. Go out and enjoy nature or a trail nearby. Always make sure to start slow, and let the progression happen naturally.


Cameron is a leading success coach and personal trainer at Horizon Personal Training in CT. Cameron is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer and keeps up to date on the latest fitness trends to ensure success within one’s self! To learn more about Cameron please go to