A CT #1 Personal Trainer Cameron F. gives insight on why some individuals do not obtain the results they want! Here are his top three reasons!

We all want to achieve the perfect physique, but it takes a lot of hard work and dedication to get there. As a personal trainer in Connecticut, my job is to try and make this transition as smoothly, and easily, as possible. Clients face normally the same problems, but lose sight of their goals when faced with these walls! Further more individuals trying to start their journeys on their own face these same challenges! I want to inform the public on some of the most common reasons individuals do not obtain results, but we have to keep an open mind. This is not an attacking post, but more of an eye-opener to either prepare or become ready to face similar challenges on your fitness journey.

Lets begin!

Reason #1: Your goals are not SMART goals.

To start you always need to make sure that your goals are structured correctly, and that they will be able to be met. Smart goals stand for Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Timely. Specific goals need to be well….Specific. If you say you are going to make a goal, well what it the end result? Do not be vague when starting this step, and ensure you do not skip it.

Ongoing example: I want to lose 50lbs.

Measurable is a part of the goal making process that rely on the goal being able to be measured. For example, if your goal is to lose 50lbs, then it certainly can be measured.  Over time you can track how much you have lost, but we want to make sure we lose fat and not muscle, so we will change our goal to be more specific and measure the most important part.

Ongoing example: I want to lose 50lbs of fat, and I will calculate my body fat % weekly.

Attainable & Timely are going to be grouped together because they go hand and hand. Attainability is when you want to make sure that the goal will not be hindered by anything in your daily life that may get in the way of attaining this goal. When a goal is timely it is going to have a specific start date and end date. You may even put little goals in between to reach your main end goal!

Ongoing example: I want to lose 50lbs of fat, and I will calculate my body fat % weekly. I want to lose this weight in exactly one year, and will give up going out 3 times a week down to 1 time a week to achieve it.

Perfect! And last but not least Realistic!

Realistic goals fall together when your goal in put together, and you can look at it with confidence. If you feel overwhelmed in a bad way about your goal, then do some switching around until you are comfortable.

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Reason #2: Your nutrition is all-over the place!

Time and time again I tell all of my clients it is not the exercise that will be the main reason you lose fat! Also, all the individuals who want to gain muscle mass have to pay attention too! Just eating anything, and not measured will ultimately set you up for failure. For fat-loss, we want to eat less calories yes, but not too little! Muscle hypertrophy, lean-muscle gain, individuals want to eat more calories, but want to develop as little fat as possible.

Most individuals know how to eat healthy, but do not put it to practice! The easiest method to apply to nutrition is using macros, and understanding how to calculate them to your advantage with whatever your goal is! Also, staying consistent with your meals is key, and meal prepping is going to be at some-what of the forefront (unless you are a lucky individual with all the time in the world!).

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Reason #3: You need to find the right support group for motivation! Do not be afraid to branch out!

That’s right I am saying it! Having friends and family supporting you is nice and all, but meeting new individuals that have similar goals to yours is an even bigger key. You will be-able to push each other, and lend an ear when you really need it! These kinds of interactions can help you push through barriers that you are currently facing, and will motivate you to stay successful in your end goal! Also, you may even create a Facebook group to bring the community together, and to gain motivation and support from others. Who knows you may even meet a new workout buddy. This interaction can increase your network of available workout buddies, and you may discover something new as well.

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Cameron is a leading success coach and personal trainer at Horizon Personal Training in CT. Cameron is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer and keeps up to date on the latest fitness trends to ensure success within one’s self! To learn more about Cameron please go to www.horizonpersonaltraining.com.