By CT Certified Personal Trainer Kennadi F.

Do you find yourself working your abs several days a week but still getting no results? Do you find that no matter how hard you try you still always feel bloated, abs always hiding under a pesky layer of fat? Well let me start by asking you what your eating?

There’s a popular phrase people say, you might have heard it, it goes, “Abs are made in the kitchen.” Some think that this is just a myth and that they can get by with exercising their abs five days a week, doing weighted exercises. False! The body doesn’t work that way, its not that simple. Now don’t get me wrong, adding weight is always helpful, but there is 100% truth to this little phrase and ill tell you why.

This is a crucial part of any fitness routine and physical transformation.  Make sure you bring  your journal in EACH & EVERY training sessions so your CT Certified Personal Trainer can a track your nutrition.

The truth is, is that what you eat has a direct impact on how much, and where you store fat on your body. In order to get that desired six pack you have to start eating foods that are less likely to contribute to fat gain. I’m not saying that you wont eat fatty foods from time to time, but they should consist of healthy fats like what is found in nuts, oils, and even avocados. So stop killing yourself with 1000 crunches a day and start making healthy eating choices. I’ll give you a few tips: cut down your carb intake (although there is such thing as good carbs such as green vegetables), eat protein with every meal, and stop drinking alcohol.

These are all huge things to keep in mind! It may seem hard at first but there are so many healthy alternatives to things you might be eating now that are hindering your desired abs. So get to it and make a few changes, like: avoiding those chips and having some blueberries instead, taking the extra time to cook some real meat like chicken or turkey (game meats) rather than swinging by for some fast food processed meat, and staying away from those fried foods and foods with extra sugar, steam some veggies, have a hearty salad with chicken, even add avocado which is filling and a healthy fat!


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