Post by our CT Certified Personal Trainer CAMERON!

What’s going on everyone! Cameron here, and ready to share some tips on re-motivating you back into the swing of things.

Today I want to talk about something that affects a lot of my clients, and quiet personally…myself. We all go through some tough times, and these little bumps in the road can really mess up our gains if we allow them too.  After a while we need to re-spark our motivation, and rekindle the flame to reach our goals. Speaking of….

 1.     Having concreate goals, and timing them!

This is a staple in training. How many times have you said to yourself, “I want to lose weight” or “Vacation is coming up, and I need to get ready”? Too many times have I made excuses like this, but where did it get me? Nowhere, that’s where. It wasn’t until I wrote down truly why I wanted to go after the goal. Now losing weight and a vacation are viable reasons to want to lose fat, but that’s not enough information to create sustainable goals. You need to ensure the goal is able to be accomplished, and done in a timely manner. Maybe creating a goal that is to lose 10 pounds within 2 months. This is realistic, and very sustainable! You have to make sure the goals feel right to you or you are less likely to accomplish them. Once you have that perfect goal, go and do whatever you can to accomplish it!

2.    Finding the right music to work out too!

This right here, should’ve been number one, but two will do! Music can help with an array of activities, and pump you up before a workout. Notice how everyone in the gym is wearing headphones, and zoning into their own workout? Maybe you thought it was because the music at the gym is normally not to your liking, but no! (Or maybe…) Continuing, studies have shown that if you listen to music that “perks” you up, the amount of weight you can lift is increased. A good upbeat song can get my blood pumping, and allows me to get ready before a set. Grab some headphones, and do not be afraid to put the music up!

3.    Allow someone else to motivate you! (Pssstt..Workout buddy)

As a personal trainer in CT, my job is to motivate you when you no longer want to continue! I know not everyone has the luxury to work with a trainer, but doesn’t mean that someone else cannot motivate you. Anyone can motivate you, and doesn’t have to be a special bodybuilder or athlete. If your neighbor is into fitness, why can’t you look up to them? Better yet, try to workout with them! Working out with a partner can be especially motivating, and can help you work out harder! Also, don’t be afraid to look up to more than one person. You never know who might spark that motivation back into you!

4.    Buy new workout clothes!

As simple as this may sound buying new workout clothes can be motivating. You deserve to show off a new outfit you bought, and be proud of it! Did you go down a size? Are others complimenting you, and telling you how good you look? Show off some new clothes, and be ready to hit them gym even harder!

Everyone needs some much needed motivation from time to time! There are a million and one ways to re-spark that motivation, but these are some ways I commonly tell clients to do it. Remember to not fall into a rut, but if you do I hope these tips can help.

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