By Horizon’s General Manager and CT Certified Personal Trainer Marissa W!

“I was told meal replacements were only needed if absolutely necessary or only used once in a while!” Meal replacements have had many myths about them but here is the real story.  Meal replacements are not only supposed to be used for convenience, but they are supposed to be used for a strict weight loss routine! Lets be honest…how many people actually have time to prepare 6 meals a day for 7 days a week…? YUP that’s right, probably not many.  Meal replacement shakes or bars are a great source of convenience but not just that.  They have a 1:1 ratio of carbs to protein (which is essential to each and every one of us for purposes like energy maintenance throughout the day and for the body to function at its highest peak!).  Meal replacements are also a great source of convenience.  If you are a teacher, or a truck driver, or someone who is constantly on the go and cannot take time to eat a full meal USE A SHAKE OR BAR! Put them in your desk at work, your purse, backpack, lunch bag, your home, have them everywhere you are so you know that you will be getting in all of your meals!

Our PT Certified Personal Trainers all have suggestions to help you reach your goal by using specific nutrition guidelines.  If you have done nutrition with us before ask the trainers about package options to really get your nutrition on track and to lose that left over weight!

Every individual looking to lose weight and to stay on a strict routine is TO HAVE 2 meal replacements per day.  Think about it; if you’re having breakfast, lunch, and dinner you still need to take in another 3 meals! How in the world does anyone really have that kind of time throughout the day.  By using the shakes or bars you can ensure your body is taking in every vital nutrient to run at its highest potential (especially when exercising).

When choosing a meal replacement shake or bar you need to look for a few things.  You need to make sure there is a equal portion of protein to carbs, small amount of fats, low sodium count, and a happy medium of calories.  You do not want to take something too high in calories and too high in fats because that is not going to fit into your macro nutrients.  Advocare has one of the best meal replacements in my history with trying different products.  They taste GREAT and taste like you’re treating yourself to a nice Chocolate Treat!

LETS GET ON TRACK! Ask our Personal Trainerin Connecticut today about specific nutritional package that you can use to get yourself to drop that weight you have been itching to lose!


Marissa has been the General Manager of Horizon Personal Training for a month now and also a CT Certified Personal Trainer! She is certified through ACE and has a Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Science with a Human Performance Concentration.  To learn more about our team contact us today and check out our webpage ! 860.628.7776