Keeping Your New Year’s Fitness Resolution

by Taylor Kelly

So, you rang in the New Year with a toast that goes something like this:
“I’m gonna get in shape this year!” Or

“New Year, New Me!!”

And for the last few weeks, you have been juggling your schedule to make things happen.

You’re on a roll!
But then, the local weather person announces “Snowmageddon 2018,” and everything comes to a screeching halt! I mean, who has time for a workout when you are manically rushing to the store to get bread, milk and –while we’re at it—comfort food?

Maybe even a nice little bottle of vino, to hunker down with.


And the kids are going to be home! No time to work out.

Boom! Just like that, your new healthy habits are suddenly easier to crush than your new goals.

(I know this from my own personal experience.)

Or, maybe “Snowmageddon” did not derail you, but instead, it was the simple, yet powerful, “winter blues.” They have cast their shadow over you, and it is just way more tempting to hibernate.


Luckily, I have a few tips for how to fight the urge to stop, and stay on track with your fitness goals and your New Year’s resolution.


  1. Have a Back-up Plan: Your routine that you have is important, but you should always have a Plan B (maybe even a Plan C). If you have joined a gym, plan to have an in-home workout that you can do in bad weather, and then commit to DOING IT!

There is an endless list of things you can do, from structuring a 30-minute workout in your living room (search online—there are TONS of ideas), to making snow angels and snowmen outside with or without the kiddos, to just putting on some music and dancing around like a star! The only thing stopping you here is your mindset.

So be flexible. Have fun. Maintaining a youthful mindset is what can make all the difference.

  1. Stay Focused on Nutrition!! Just because you started the New Year with harder workouts does not give you the “I Earned This” excuse. Now is the time to choose wisely. Your body needs the right kinds of food and fuel to function optimally, especially because your immune system is also working harder to keep those winter cooties away! Research shows that proper nutrition and exercise are key! And keep the water flowin’ people! Stay
  2. Combat the Winter Blues: Working out actually helps combat the winter blues—whether you are experiencing the basic blahs, or the more serious S.A.D. (Seasonal Affective Disorder), that put the gloom in winter—these associated symptoms are less likely to take hold of you if you are working out!


We cannot all move south for the winter, so a mind shift and a plan are essential to staying fit, focused and healthy in this frigid season. You may never do a polar bear plunge (or maybe you will!), but you can definitely live your best life in the winter. Happy New Year!

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Hi my name is Taylor Kelly! Ten years ago, I took my first Zumba® class, and by the 3rd song in, I felt my whole world open up! It was the first time in my life that I felt a strong calling to make myself happy! I grew up watching MTV videos of Michael Jackson Madonna and Paula Abdul and dreaming of dancing, but it was not something I had the courage to try. So at 38 years old, I figured this was it. Now or never! What started as a huge leap of faith for myself just to make it up to the front row in class, snowballed into a series of giant leaps out of my comfort Zone! Long story short, I never set out to teach. I was just living breathing and dreaming Zumba® and I believe the experiences that I’ve had in the last ten years have been truly magical! I’ve been blessed with opportunities I never imagined possible. I’ve had the privilege of having 20 plus students become instructors themselves. I’ve made friendships that will last a lifetime. I’ve opened two of my own fitness studios and I’ve hosted numerous training workshops. I became licensed in Zumba® Basic 1&2 in 2008. In 2009, I took my training with the creator of Zumba® himself, Beto Perez. I’m licensed in Zumba®  Zumba® Toning  Zumba® Gold  Zumba® Kids  Zumba® Step  Zumba® Gold Toning  Aqua Zumba®  and Strong by Zumba® . I’m AFAA certified and CPR AED CERTIFIED.

In addition to being a Zumba Instructor, I am also a personal trainer. I decided that personal training would be a valuable and powerful tool in helping others be their best. Connecting with others to help them find their strengths and build on them is an honor. One on one training or together on the dance floor, all I want is to ignite your inner spark, and let you find your joy through music and movement! Everything else is icing!