Finding the Right Fitness Community for You

By Bill Y.

Finding the right fitness community can be attending a gym or fitness center because your buddy is a member, or because it is close to your house. Or, it may be whether the gym has certain equipment, or certain prices to fit your budget, or even how new the facility is.

Whatever the reason you have, it all should come down to personalization for you!

This blog is not about advertising for our facility or making us seem like the only facility out there; you clicked on our website and happened upon this forum. Moreover, this blog is to educate you, and help you choose your fitness center in the most appropriate way for you.

Signing up for a membership and going to the gym are steps in the right direction. You have already taken the initiative and made the realization that you want to change, not only your body and mindset, but also, your lifestyle.

If you have already taken this step, paying the cheap amount of $10 to $20 a month at some big box gym, you may have realized that when you go, the gym is not completely packed. It’s nice though, because you have space to work out, right? But how well can they run a facility with not many people attending?

Many people do sign up and pay, but many of the members– including myself at one point—find themselves not going to the gym as often, or they eventually stop going altogether. I only started to go when I looked into the mirror and realized that I could not take looking and feeling the way I did—feeling tired and out of shape—and experiencing the lowest of self-esteem.

Studies show that many who purchase a membership to a basic gym will eventually stop going after several months, but they will still end up paying their monthly rate. Those who do go to that basic gym will go to make themselves feel better, but with no guidance, they are not doing anything to change the way they look or feel, overall. They often will not be successful in setting a fitness goal and achieving it, because they have no real “road map.”

As the saying goes, “You get what you pay for,” and if you were ever a member at one of those big gyms, you probably figured that out by now.  If, however, Horizon is the first facility that you’re checking out, you’re in luck!

Do we employ famous celebrity trainers or “trainers to the stars”? Of course not, but we have certified and trained professionals to get you the absolute best results possible.

Our program is not a “one type fits all” approach. Instead, we develop individualized programs to fit each client. Sure, you can Google a program, and attempt to do it yourself, but you more than likely will realize it’s either not the correct and/or safe way to do things, or that the program does not work for you, especially without the guidance and motivation of a knowledgeable professional.

Additionally, many people may not understand that the exercise portion of fitness, wellness and body transformation is 25 to 30 percent of getting to your goal, while 70 to 75 percent of it is nutrition. Therefore, spending money on some random gym is, more than likely, not going to get you very far, especially if you don’t attend often enough, are executing arbitrary exercises with poor form and no road map, and not fueling your body properly!

The point is you need to find a community that is personalized for YOU—a facility that offers a comprehensive program with proper nutrition and exercise programs –an effective “road map”—that you can stick to, to help lead you to your goals, because they will hold you accountable, and do everything possible to get you there.

With Team Horizon, our community is about keeping you accountable to your goals, including but not limited to, both exercising and ensuring you are on a nutrition plan personalized for you. Everyone needs to eat and train differently, and our trained professionals understand what to do for each and every body type. Your body is an investment, and so is the fitness center that you choose!

Choose wisely!

Finding the Right Fitness Community for You

Bill was introduced to the world of fitness, nutrition and health as a young child, because his father was a very successful Personal Trainer. In later years, Bill became a Horizon client as a youth athlete, and achieved his own transformation.
When a friend asked for Bill’s help in losing weight, several years ago, Bill jumped at the chance, and went on to help that friend lose 70 to 80 pounds of fat by training him and providing him with a sound nutrition plan. It was then that Bill had an epiphany: He knew he wanted to make Personal Training a career, because he took great pleasure in helping others transform themselves.
Bill is a recent graduate of the Tony Robbins course “Unleash the Power Within,” and even achieved Firewalker status.
He has been a personal trainer for over two years, and his future goals include becoming more than just a trainer, but a Life Coach, so he can help change, not only people’s bodies but also, their mindset and attitudes.

“If there are no doors of opportunity, build one.”