Advocare: What’s New, Hidden Gems and Top Recommendations!

By Emily D.

Are you putting in all the hard work, eating clean, exercising consistently, but still waiting to see those results? Advocare supplements might be exactly what you need!

Here are a few highlights from some of the special Advocare products we offer.

Advocare SLAM—Think 5-hour energy, but in a well-tested, scientifically-supported and sugar-free form, without the crash! Advocare SLAM is a convenient energy supplement that comes in a two-ounce bottle. It contains B Vitamins, which are essential for metabolism and energy production. SLAM comes in many delicious flavors including my favorite: Strawberry Basil.

Retail Price $35.95 for 12 bottles

Advocare SleepWorks—Do you have trouble falling or staying asleep some nights? Well, you are not alone. Advocare SleepWorks was designed for sound, restful sleep on those exact nights, by helping your body relax and fall asleep quicker. In addition, it promotes a more refreshed feeling when waking up. How does this life-enhancing supplement work, you ask? SleepWorks combines Lemon Balm extract, 5-HTP, melatonin, hops, and other natural ingredients that work together to guarantee you a great night’s rest. Remember, sleep is an integral part of the weight loss process, good health and maintaining a healthy weight.

Retail Price $35.95 for 12 servings

Advocare Oasis—Feeling stressed, overwhelmed, or foggy? Do you feel like you are just “off your game”? Sounds like you could really use Advocare Oasis. This unique supplement combines the power of adaptogens –which help your body cope with physiological stress; B vitamins—which impart energy; and berry extracts—for immune and cognitive health.  Oasis comes in easy, portable sticks that can be mixed into your water, and is a natural caffeine-free source of energy!

Retail Price $27.95 for 14 servings

Advocare Glow Collagen—I’m not just talking to the ladies here, but do ever notice you have brittle hair, nails that are constantly breaking, or dry and wrinkled skin? Collagen, which is the most abundant protein in our bodies, is responsible for maintaining skin’s elasticity and for strengthening our nails and hair. Unfortunately, as we age, our bodies naturally produce less of this important protein. Advocare Glow Collagen helps your skin, hair and nails to regain strength and elasticity, and it also promotes healthy skin cell function with a powerful combination of marine collagen peptides, Vitamin E, and bamboo extracts.

Retail Price $32.95

These are just a few of the many products that Advocare offers. We have other health and fitness supplements available that will help you burn fat and get you to your weight loss goal faster, as well as give you quick and much-needed energy. Don’t forget to ask us about meal replacements and bars too!

Remember that Advocare products are always third-party tested for the highest quality.

Please ask a trainer for additional information and/or to purchase yours today!

Advocare: What’s New, Hidden Gems and Top Recommendations!

A recent graduate of the University of Rhode Island with a degree in Nutrition and Dietetics, Emily understands the struggles of weight loss and how what we eat can impact our bodies.

“My greatest pastime and joy in life is running! I dedicate most of my free time to training for marathons and other races, and my approach to personal training is an extremely beneficial way to increase endurance and strength for any athlete. I also have experience teaching therapeutic exercise, for those seeking pain relief, greater flexibility and increased range of motion.”