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    Connecticut Personal Trainer, JulissaMake this be the morning that you wake up and decide that you have had enough of the way you look and feel. I know exactly how that goes – I used to wake up every morning, hating the way I looked in the mirror, and feeling tired and lethargic. Being in shape seemed like a huge mountain I could never climb. One day I just decided that enough was enough, and that I needed some real change to make things happen for my weight loss goals.

    I set on a quest to interview other people about their weight loss goals, and how they successfully reached them. This took a while of investigation and research, and at the end, I went on my own weight loss journey, piecing together all of the Essential Elements that I’d learned from the folks during my interviews.

    I wholeheartedly believe that many weight loss programs miss one or two crucial key elements that must be present to make a weight loss program work in the long run. If you are looking for a personal trainer in Bristol, or just need some help getting into shape, please feel free to look through the website and think up any questions you may have. I tailor each plan specifically to each individual’s pace and weight loss goals, and together we can work to lose the weight and keep it off. Thank you for visiting our website today, and please feel free to contact me for a consultation.


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    Coming from the town of Bristol to Cheshire, it is about 21 minutes (15.6 mi) via I-84. After dropping your kids off at Saint Annes School, you are just minutes away from Horizon Personal Training, where you can eliminate stress and improve your physical health and wellbeing. We are about 20 minutes down the road from the school systems.

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