Connecticut Fitness Transformation Challenge 2017




DATES: Official Start Date is January 2nd 2017 to February 25th 2017. You can start at any time before the start date however, you will need to complete 8 full weeks.

HOW TO WIN: Individuals will be judged based on life changes, body composition changes and before and after picture changes. Teams will be judged by best average of body- fat lost as indicated in body composition testing.

PRIZES: First Place Individual & First Place Team: To be announced! We’ve got something great, it’s worth the wait!!!

ABOUT: Choose your favorite trainer and join their team! Register on-site at the Challenge stand.

PRE KICK-OFF NIGHT: Join your Team and your Team Trainer will go over our Nutrition Principles.

CONTEST KICK-OFF EVENT: Monday January 2nd 2017 at 6:45pm on location! Starting Weigh-Ins, explanation of process, meet the competitors and teams.

MID-WAY: Includes weigh-ins, progress reports and semi-private training.

LAST DAY: Final weigh-ins and body composition tests before our Fun Night Out to Celebrate!

TO LEARN MORE AND SIGN-UP: Contact us to receive a challenge entry packet and a free gift worth over $100!



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