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Connecticut Fitness Classes: Semi-Private Training

Semi-Private Training



Reach your goals faster

with a personal trainer for a 1/4 of the price!

Transformation personal trainer CT

Welcome to Connecticut’s longest running Semi-Private Training That Burns more Fat Faster, Gets You Fit And Toned!

Horizon Personal Training, Voted the #1 on the leading review sites, is your fitness and fat loss exercise program and is designed & implemented by your Certified Personal Trainer to burn fat and get you in the best shape of your life!

Learn more about each training type below!


How & Why

“HIIT” Style Trainings

Feel welcomed by our staff and feel the camaraderie from your Team in these “HIIT” type Trainings! HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training which is the most effective way to get results fast! Your Certified Personal Trainer will work around any skill level and most injuries!

“HIIT” Low to High Intervals creates the AFTER BURN EFFECT!

Burn more after exercise!
Group Personal Training CT

It’s All About YOU!
Horizon Personal Training’s Semi-Private program is a fitness, toning & fat loss program that is results driven.

You can expect:

  • Your attendance to be the best part of your day!
  • High Energy, Support, Motivation & Accountability
  • Non-Intimidating Atmosphere
  • Personalization, Safe, Fun & RESULTS Programmed by your Nationally Certified Personal Trainer
  • Affordability


Success Stories

Personal Training Transformation

“I hit the most unhealthy weight I ever was last fall and I was miserable and constantly tired. I haven’t posted this

picture because I was embarrassed and now to the right I am almost 30lbs lighter and I feel so amazing. ”

– Amanda, Prospect CT

Before and After Personal Training

“I just wanted to have some fun with my grandchildren. Now I’m not in pain and have so much more energy. ”

– Rose, Waterbury CT

Fitness Transformation

“Since I started working out at Horizon Personal Training I immediately noticed results! I had my second baby in June of 2015 and was stuck with my workouts.”

– Amy, Southington CT

Semi-Private Training Type Descriptions

As explained below, Trainings focus on individualization with a Client max of about 8.

*Anyone who is enrolled in Semi-Private Training also gets full access to our Boot Camp Training!

We PRIDE ourselves in offering Nationally Certified Personal Trainers at your disposal after consulting with you to find what your specific needs are, at the best prices!

Contact Us TODAY and here’s what you will get:

  • FREE Consultation, Fitness & Nutrition Assessment
  • FREE Personalized Fitness Programming
  • FREE Body Composition Test & Evaluation
  • One FREE Week of Boot Camp Training
  • Three FREE 30 minute Personal Training Sessions
  • Fitness Diagnostic Testing
  • A $395.00 VALUE! ALL as a gift to you for taking the first step. We know you will love our service, but we understand that you don’t know that yet. This way we alleviate any risk before you decide!

Semi private group training Horizon CTHorizon Personal Training in CT Groups

“HIIT Fit” Boot Camp Training
MAJOR Benefits: Rapid Fat Loss & Tone

Our “HIIT Fit” Boot Camp Training class is far superior to other methods by producing rapid fat loss, increased cardiovascular capacity and increases in strength, endurance, muscle size and tone in half the time! Our class is fun and involves changes in exercises that are brief, infrequent and intense to prevent boredom while challenging each participant to perform at their personal peak performance. For beginners to experienced.

View our schedule below

  • 45 Minutes Training Time
  • Tone, Tighten and Burn Calories FAST!
  • HIIT Type Training using your own Body Weight

Personal Training Members in CTPersonal Training Members in CT

“HIIT Strength” Semi-Private Training
MAJOR Benefits: Rapid Strength & Tightness

Our “HIIT Strength” Semi-Private Training is much more advanced than other methods by producing increased strength, power, muscle size, tone along with quick losses of fat, increased cardiac output and stamina in much less time! This enjoyable class trains muscles to their full potential and beyond to achieve fast progression. With limited mid-set rest, you will be challenged to progress to success. This class has a cardiovascular feel with the high intensity muscular gains! For beginners to experienced.

View our schedule below

  • 45 Minutes Training Time
  • Get stronger, tighter and more toned FAST!
  • HIIT Type Training using various resistance exercises

Connecticut Personal Training Center

“HIIT Core” & “AM ABS” Semi-Private Training
MAJOR Benefits: Rapid Tight & Toned Core

Our “HIIT Core” Semi-Private Training will train all of your core muscles. “HIIT Core” focuses on building core strength, tone, endurance, stability/balance and coordination. This core specific training is challenging but offers low impact so anyone at any fitness level can participate. Body weight exercises as well as resistance training, kettle bells, ropes, and plyo metrics will be used during your training experience. This is a fun fast paced training that will challenge you yet build core strength. Core muscle work is essential to strengthen the Body as a whole and connects the arms and the legs to a strong center of body (core). “HIIT Core” will build a balanced and symmetrical body strong and without weaknesses or imbalances.

 View our schedule below

  • 45 Minutes Training Time
  • Get stronger, tighter and more toned in your core!
  • HIIT Type Training using various resistance exercises

Kickboxing Personal Trainers CT

“Kickbox Cardio” Semi-Private Training

Kickbox Cardio is a fast paced kickboxing/muay thai cardio Semi-Private Training. The purpose of this workout is to burn max calories in a 45 minute time period in a very dynamic and fun way, while maintaining a relatively high heart rate. The class will consist of five rounds total, eight moves per round (30 seconds each) with 15 seconds of rest between rounds. The fifth round has 4 moves, each lasting one minute. This is a high intensity cardio class designed to burn calories.

View our schedule below

  • 45 Minutes Training Time
  • Tons of fun!


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