FREE 6 Week Youth Athlete Conditioning Program

Get Your FREE 6 Week Youth Athlete Conditioning Program!

Youth Sports Personal Trainer in Connecticut

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👉 Through all the Covid-19 restrictions in CT, our kids are being denied opportunities for physical activity & improvements!

🤗 We’re finding that many of our children are being negatively affected by this challenge. They’re gaining weight, getting slower, missing out on a team atmosphere and even more concerning, their self-esteem and confidence is declining, some even showing signs of depression, anxiety and other serious health concerns.

😃 We realized though… it doesn’t have to be that way… They can have an option, they can increase their health and performance, they can feel confident about themselves and their future, they can be proud of their accomplishments and build their self-esteem, even higher than what it ever was, they can practice self-love again, because they deserve it… they don’t need to be paralyzed anymore… because we know that the reason for these challenges are to push us to grow… and have for our kids the life we’ve always wanted…

😁 We just had to focus on what our kids really need right now, the right Roadmap to get there, in a safe, clean, controlled limited access environment…

🤝 And so, after our training clients have conquered their own quest to break through from being paralyzed… to give this same gift to you and your kids, so they can do the same. We’re giving you the 6 Week Youth Athlete Conditioning Program completely free, with no obligations. Why FREE you ask? Our hearts are broken, we’ve heard too many stories about the condition of our children and we’ve had enough. It’s time to get our kids moving, thriving and accomplishing again, and we feel that this will be the right jump-start for them to either continue on their own or even with us. Go ahead and complete the form to book your consultation to get it. Spots are truly limited.

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• Starting November 3rd, 3:30-4:15pm, Tuesdays/Thursday
• 45 minutes long
• Certified Trainers: Brett + Andrea
• All Fitness Levels Measured & Welcomed
• 12 person max capacity

This is a free 6 week strength and conditioning program for kids ages 13-17 who want to get stronger, gain confidence and continue to improve on their sport (or just everyday life). YAC will be meeting 2x a week for 6 weeks starting November 3rd. During this time, they will learn basic strength and conditioning exercises led by certified personal trainers in a fun, comfortable and safe environment. Sign up through the form. We can’t wait to see you there!

This is a unique experience taught by exceptional trainers to help your kids achieve a new level a health athleticism that they will not get in normal gym class. It is our passion and mission to provide a high energy, motivating environment while maintaining a results-driven approach.

YOUTH SUCCESS STORIES BELOW all committed to their goals… Don’t be left behind by not taking action today!

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Youth Sports Personal Trainer in Connecticut