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Jen Personal Trainer Southington CT

Jennifer B.
I first went to Horizon Personal Training and Nutrition when I was diagnosed with a thyroid condition and high blood pressure. I was over, way over 200 lbs. I have lost about 100 lbs and feel strong. The personal attention, encouragement, praise and, of course, humor, at Horizon Personal Training has been exactly what I needed to keep me motivated. Working out has become the best part of my day.
Jennifer Personal Trainer Southington CT rating

Sara P.

I’m 22 years old and originally joined horizon to find a personal trainer to pass the police CHIP test. Less than two months later, I passed it and am currently on multiple hiring lists. Since then, I continue to train with a new goal of losing fat and gaining muscle. I have always been a foodie, eating everything and anything that is unhealthy. I have learned through Horizon’s Nutrition Program how to make better choices and feel like a much healthier person. Joining Horizon was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.
Jennifer Personal Trainer Southington CT rating

Connecticut Personal Training Results - Sue
Sue V.

Thank you for saving my life! It sounds bold but it is exactly true, I thank my personal trainer for that. I couldn’t stand the way I looked in the mirror before meeting with you guys. Since the consultation you have always been so honest and supportive of me. I was shocked how quickly I saw results which gave me the momentum I needed to keep seeing more. The diet was way easier than I though it would be too which turned out to be a way of eating for a lifestyle change.
Jennifer Personal Trainer Southington CT rating

Weight Loss Transformation in CT

Amy A.
“I was lucky enough to learn about Horizon from a friend who also used a personal trainer. Since I started working out at Horizon I immediately noticed results! I had my second baby in June of 2015 and was stuck with my workouts. Josh got me moving on my nutrition plan and workouts! I started having fun and enjoying workouts again. It was definitely the boost I needed to get over the post-baby hump and get back into shape. I have even trained with Nene and she kicked my butt just as much as Josh does! Everyone is so nice and supportive! I sustained a knee injury and Josh worked around it and the results just kept coming, it was like I never skipped a beat during the month I couldn’t do ANY lower body! Now I am down to my pre-pregnancy weight from my first child! This place is great-highly recommended!!”
Jennifer Personal Trainer Southington CT rating

Personal Training Results in CT - Greg

Greg R.
My personal trainer with Horizon and their team are the best. I always feel comfortable and welcomed when I’m there. The results speak for themselves! Thanks you so much for helping me finally reach my goals, increase my energy levels and to keep it going for so long. The changes I made have proven to be lifestyle changes.
Jennifer Personal Trainer Southington CT rating

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