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If you are a Police Applicant or looking for police job fitness test training in CT it’s important you understand that the fitness test is unique. In fact, the fitness test is different to every other parts of the Police application process.

“Don’t try to pass the fitness test if you aren’t sure you WILL PASS! You will lose your entry fee AND your chance to get hired during that process!”

As you may already be aware, there may be several steps involved in the application process in CT. Each of these steps is usually required to be met once. You may only be required to pass the entrance exam once, sit through an oral board exam once, sit at local station interview once, complete a medical booklet once, have your character and background checked once, perform a lie detector test once, and whatever else may be required by the specific testing organization or department. However, the fitness test may be a regular occurrence, not just part of the initial test.

“This is something we are very conscious of and it is a key factor in the way we structure our client’s training programs”

Should you pass the police entry fitness test, you may be required to continue to meet the minimum fitness standards as a police recruit undergoing the academy training. Failure to meet the minimum standard can and has resulted in recruits losing their positions at the academy. Be warned, you are expected to maintain the minimum fitness standards!

“We prepare our clients for the long term not just the applicant fitness testing day”

Our police job fitness test training program is unique and can get you to pass your test! Nobody has our experience, expertise or passion for helping police applicants and recruits. Could you benefit from our experience and expertise? If it really is your dream to become a police officer then don’t mess around with your preparation!

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