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Stretching with our Personal Trainer

Stretch with our personal trainer in CT

Stretching Services
Stretching will help improve your overall muscle recovery, performance, mobility & decrease pain. Muscle tightness is secondary to muscle weakness. If muscles are tight they can’t fire off correctly to achieve their maximum performance. Muscles that are over-active will be extremely tight while under-active muscles are not doing their job correctly.  The best time to stretch is after a workout.  The muscles groups have been warmed up and will respond more effectively.  If you are interested in a hands on, manipulating stretching session, it can be booked in ½ hour or 1 hour personal training sessions.

Stretching Personal Trainer in Connecticut

Sue Clark (above):
“I had pain in both hip areas & my lower back. After 3 sessions, I have much less pain & I’m more flexible & strong! She’s great!”