Superstar Personal Trainer Job

Join a Winning Team


Horizon Personal Training is looking is looking for a personal trainer that has these traits:
A great personality
Positive attitude
Likes to serve others
Wants to make a positive impact on someone’s life!


AND a personal trainer that aligns with these




Do What We’re Passionate About
We believe that when we are clear on what we are passionate about and are tapping into that passion, we experience exponential gains.

To Motivate & Inspire Others
We instill a passion for healthy living in all employees and clients as the foundation of what we do however, a bi-product is that we improve people’s olives to a degree we often can’t imagine.

To Ensure our Presence is the Best Part of Everyone’s Day
We believe that our manager’s job to ensure working at Horizon is the best part of our Employees’ day so, in turn, our Employees make visiting Horizon the best part of our Clients’ day.

Do everything ‘First Class’
We believe in a “Think Big Act Big” mentality, which means that we don’t mess around. We are in this to ‘wow’ people and leave them coming back for more.

We’re Here to Grow
We believe there shouldn’t be a glass ceiling and that we’re on this planet to grow and to give back to others. This is why our trainer’s have the ability to grow as trainers, become managers and then to become partners.

We Get More Done When We’re Having FUN!
Laughing at ourselves, and even getting a little silly sometimes just makes life better 🙂

Models, Celebrities and Pageant Personal Training in CT

Very busy and established training center is growing and looking for a Personal Fitness Trainer to join us and grow with our team! This is an ideal position for someone looking to start or continue their career.

On-site training and certifications available: enrollment in our Personal Trainer Mastery Curriculum to optimize & enhance your skills as a fitness professional taught by practical & traditional education. We will then get you set-up with a NASM Personal Training Certification

If you do not have experience, please explain why you would be a great candidate for our Personal Trainer Mastery Curriculum.

Starting hours for the position are per diem. 35+ hours/week available!

Shift hours of availability (for client scheduling):

Option 1) Monday-Friday: Noon – 9pm and Saturday 6am-12pm
Option 2) Monday-Friday: 5am – 2pm and Saturday 6am-12pm

Full Time Includes

-$35,000 – $45,000+/yr

-Compensation is based off performance, experience and education. Includes Bonuses!

-Paid Time Off

-$600/yr Advanced Certification Reimbursement

-Enrollment in our Personal Trainer Mastery Curriculum

-Enrollment in workshops, educational meetings and conferences

-Free Semi-Private Training & Gym Membership

Opportunities for Advancement
Horizon Personal Training Centers is currently experiencing steady growth that is not typical for the fitness industry. As a result of the growth of the organization as a whole, there are opportunities for advancement within the company. Monthly, Quarterly and Annual Reviews are conducted to evaluate each individuals progress and personal growth. Goal setting paired with an exceptional work ethic combines to position any employee at Horizon Personal Training Centers with opportunities for advancement. Management and ownership highly values developing the talent within the company. | GROWTH OPPORTUNITIES: Our Personal Trainers may advance to Managers and Business Partners


For more information on how to apply and complete job description
or you may go to our location contact page and give us a call! If you would also like to get a jump-start and complete the application, you will find that here:


Our Mission
Horizon is dedicated to inspiring and building new lifestyles through both mental and physical improvements. Those dedicated to following Horizon’s lifestyle will adopt our Mission to empower the lives of others.