I’ve been a Member for over 8 years with my personal trainer. The biggest thing I’ve learned is how to eat. One week on vacation and my numbers stayed the same. Another week with house guest and there was only a 3 pound gain. Being in tune to what I eat or not eat as in the amount of protein I can keep my lean mass up. My personal trainer taught me that this is beneficial in burning more calories. I also have tried to increase my activity. An extra walk in the evening or a bike ride, 10-15 miles once a week. Though the challenge has officially ended, I will continue to watch my diet and exercise. My goal is to drop another 30 pounds! Another item my personal trainer taught me is that the increase in protein and better nutrition has solved my fingernail dilemma. They would always be splitting, chipping, and breaking; now I have to actually keep them trimmed. Many people have stated I do not look and act my age in a physical manner. As my grandkids told me, “If I can climb steps without holding onto the rail, I’m not OLD.” I do feel “young” and will continue to work out with my personal trainer to keep my body moving. Losing some more weight will also help!

My personal trainer has helped me lose enough around my middle that I can bend over and tie my shoes! My health has been on a steady incline for several months, not just during my first program with my personal trainer. There are several people I would inspire, but they live out of the area. One reason I keep coming to see my personal trainer is after visiting friends in Florida that can barely get around their homes, I realized what life could be like for me at my age – It is scary!

It is hard to convince others that they need to make the changes in their lives, I just send the straight to my personal trainer! My knowledge of diet has improved. I do not have the will power to avoid the “bad” foods, doughnuts, potato chips, cookies, and the like, but I do realize not to eat them all the time, my personal trainer holds me accountable every time I see him. A “diet” does not work the best if you deprive yourself of the things you really crave.

The two weeks I was away on vacation, I did not gain any weight. Body mass changed because I was not exercising, just walking. I have lost inches and I have dropped sizes in my jeans. The next size lower, I can get into, but too snug for comfort. I am able to keep up with my grandkids and hope to live healthy to become a great grandmother in another 10 years.

Ellen D.
Cheshire, CT
Age 70

Connecticut Personal Trainer Reviews: Ellen D.