Dear Team Horizon,

I wanted to thank you all for changing my life, as this is my one year anniversary from when I began with my personal trainer. This has been a great year and a true transformation of my overall health! Your approach is outstanding! I’m so proud of the changes I’ve made and am so happy you’ve helped me keep it off!

Weight Lost: 35 lbs
Waist: 6 inches Gone!
Body Fat: 11% Lost!

I was pretty skeptical at first and thought it might be too expensive to ever have a personal trainer, I quickly learned it was a wise investment. Let me say with age, the combination of co-pays for doctor appointments and prescriptions, high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, and other ailments clearly outweigh the cost of taking care of yourself with your approach. I also know the meal planning is as important as the exercising.

I still remember the day I was on the website wondering if I could be successful too! Thank you so much for the help! My best to everyone, be well!!!

Kevin M.
Cheshire, CT
Age 43

Connecticut Personal Trainer Reviews: Kevin M.