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Peter B. Cheshire, CT

CT Personal Trainer Fitness Transformations

“The one thing I can do now that I could not do is control my life. My personal trainer helped me with that skill. I am able to control what I eat, control my priorities and control myself. Over the past ten weeks, I have been able to control my appetite and the urge to eat. This control enabled me to realize that food is nourishment, not pleasure. I never thought I would have the control to maintain my nutrition plan at events, dinners, or treats at work. I have controlled my priorities, consistently exercising five times per week. Finally, the power I have gained from just these two areas has allowed me to control my mind, giving me the confidence to achieve life and fitness goals I never felt possible, such as seeing the abdominal muscles in my stomach, running 2.78 miles in 20 minutes, or bench pressing 90 pound dumbbells six times in my final set!”

“My health has drastically improved. Prior to the challenge, I had Progressing Sleep Apnea, low energy levels and was considered obese based on my BMI. I was also on a repeated cycle of overeating, feeling sick, attempting to eat healthy for a few days and then return to a day or two of overeating. Since the beginning of my personal training program and the challenge, I have obtained an energy level I never knew. Further, my sleep apnea has ended and I eat a consistent, healthy diet. This has drastically increased my quality of life. I no longer base my plans for the day, or even the whole weekend, around the meals I will eat and the restaurants I will go to. I am able to enjoy my life and not just the thought of my next meal.”

“I pray everyday that my family members realize the benefits of a personal trainer, exercising and eating healthy. They were raised us on carbohydrate-filled breakfasts and butter filled dinners. I hope that they realize the benefits of exercising and healthy eating so that they are able to live to spend quality time with my future children. Also, if they were to take on a challenge of fitness, they would inspire others as I am. I honestly worry about their health, given their lifestyle and believe that they could change their lives in ten weeks, even more than I did. They seem content on living shorter, out of control lives, instead of enjoying the benefits of a healthy lifestyle.”

“The reason I began with my personal trainer at Horizon Personal Training and Nutrition and entered this challenge is because of the results that I have witnessed people on their website. Further, since entering the challenge, and reaching the overall goal of losing 25 pounds, people often comment about my physique. It has created many awkward conversations where I thank them, discuss how I obtained these results and asked if they were interested in learning more or meeting with my personal trainer. It is at that time when people shy away, refusing to sacrifice their currently unhealthy lifestyle in order to achieve the life changing results I have experienced. So, it is possible that successful physical and mental changes in a person will inspire others, but to what extent depends on the drive and responsibility of the person being inspired. Unfortunately, there is no quick fix in weight loss and until one appears, people will continue to be scared away from fitness by the work and effort required for successful change and maintenance.”

“Weighing 181.5 pounds; running 2.78 miles in 20 minutes; lifting 90 pound dumbbells for my set of six; reducing my body fat to 14.9%; these are all of my physical accomplishments with my personal trainer. My statistics and my pictures will show these results. I am proud to have achieved these goals. In some cases, I exceeded my goals for this challenge. Others, I did not reach.”

“However, these are not the accomplishments I am most proud of. The accomplishment I am most proud of is the mental growth and the training my spirit has gone through at Horizon Personal Training and Nutrition. It is through my mind and spirit that gave me the ability to achieve my physical accomplishments. The intense mental training I received at Horizon is the reason for all my achievements.”

“Prior to starting with my personal trainer, I had not consistently exercised since high school. In fact, the last time I weighed 181 pounds, I was 13 years old, entering middle school. Four years of college and 3 years of law school had grown my intelligence, but also my waistline. I was squeezing into 38-inch pants and staring at my parents every Sunday, watching my body head toward their obese track.”

“While I had attempted diets before (Atkins, South Beach, Lean Cuisine), and exercised occasionally in college, I was completely out of shape. I made excuses when I went to the gym. I created fake exercise plans in my head that either took the easy way out or accomplished nothing. I never tracked my progress and did not even think about the responsibility of tracking my food intake.”

“However, one day, while finishing up my last of a dozen apple fritters, I came across the booth of Horizon Personal Training and Nutrition at the Southington Apple Harvest Festival. I realized, while doing sit-ups for free training hours, that this was the path to physical and mental health. I later went home and visited the website and virtually met my personal trainer. I couldn’t believe the results others have had.”

“The word diet now seems ridiculous to me. A friend recently started the “cookie diet.” He eats six cookies a day to lose weight. Its success does not matter, because the plan is unrealistic. It is a tease for your mind. A gimmick, that gives you hope which inevitably will be dashed as the cookie diet is no lifetime plan for a great physique. You cannot eat cookies forever, it is unrealistic.”

“What is realistic is the Horizon Personal Training and Nutrition eating and exercise plan. It is not a diet and not a quick fix. It is a true life change, a transformation, which empowers you to make drastic, permanent and sustainable changes in your life. This power is the most important portion of the challenge.”

“This power is so important because it is completely mental. It is the mental power to maintain strict nutrition. It is also the mental power to return to the nutrition plan immediately after a “cheat day”. It is the mental power to finish that rep in a difficult exercise set. It is also the power to grind through a disappointing exercise session or a bad weigh-in, knowing the plan will succeed.”

“When I first started with Horizon Personal Training and Nutrition, my life was extremely hectic and I was slowly losing control of it. I had just finished law school, the bar exam, running a political campaign, and I was starting a new job. I felt completely out of control and took it out on my stomach. I would wing an assignment at work, and then eat a buffalo wing afterward to feel better about myself. I would find peace in pizza. Food was my escape and exercising was not on the agenda.”

“However, my decision with my fiancée, Melissa, to join HPT, allowed me to gain the control over my life that I so desperately needed. I wish I could say I had the foresight to know that HPT would give me this mental power. I was just hoping to lose weight. To my surprise, it is the gained mental power and control, which I find the most satisfying. Even more than a great run on the treadmill or an excellent day of weight training.”

“I now have the power to control my life. I find the power in my clear, realistic nutrition plan. This plan prevents cravings and ensures that I am eating enough so I am never so starving to give into temptations of fattening foods. This plan empowers me to say yes to good food on holidays and no to ricotta pie the day after Easter or no to the leftover cookies from Christmas. I now find pleasure in life’s great pursuits, not from a hamburger and a beer everyday after work, or margaritas and Mexican food.”

“I now have the power to control my life. I find power in my exercise plan. I never liked lifting weights or straining myself on cardiovascular exercise. But the power I have gained from HPT has turned my attitude around that I actually look forward to exercise. Exercise has become the release or the reset button for my spirit. Also, it helps me to maintain my nutrition, as I chose the treadmill instead of happy hour three times a week. Further, the challenges I face and conquer in weight training prepare me for the challenges I face each day outside the gym. If I am able to power through 96 lunges or sit-ups at level 15, then the work or political tasks I must accomplish in a day become easier to manage and to complete. Add to this the additional energy I have and life becomes much more enjoyable, much more fulfilling.”

“I now have the power to control my life. I find power in my control. This may sound cyclical or unoriginal, but it’s true. Power and control are the balancing forces that keep your body and spirit energized. When I gained control of my life I felt empowered. The more empowered I was, the more control I gained over my life. This continues over and over again. This applies in nutrition, where self-control in maintaining the nutrition plan, provides more power and incentive to maintain control later on when an ice cream Sunday sounds so tempting. However, the organization of my physical health, with the help of Horizon and my personal trainer, has empowered me to control other aspects of my life. I am no longer overwhelmed, I am challenged. I control my schedule, which empowers me to make confident decisions. The confident decisions, then allow me to gain control over other aspects of my life.”

“To add even more clichés, I do not see this challenge as an end, but as a beginning. It is a starting point, a jump start toward the goal of losing more weight and more body fat, so I may reach the “athletic” range. It is the starting point of maintaining the nutrition plan for the rest of my life. It is not good enough to lose weight for ten weeks. No matter what my challenge results look like, it is the continued quest to maintain control of my life, which will empower me to succeed at my maintaining my physique and control of my life.”

Peter B.
Cheshire, CT
Age 27

Connecticut Personal Trainer Reviews: Peter B.

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