I began my journey with Horizon with trepidation, but ultimately allowed myself the opportunity to give my personal trainer the “benefit of the doubt” and to prove your program is right.  I can honestly tell you I was shocked and amazed after my first two weeks there.  The changes that took place in those first two weeks fueled my fire and enlightened me as to what I was truly capable of with the right program and mind frame! I knew I could be like the photos on their website at that point, it was just a matter of time!

Horizon gives you the full package – a physical program that really WORKS, but also the mental mindset that truly compliments and completes the whole deal coupled with nutrition information. My personal trainer had a great personality too!

I began in April of 2006 and since then have lost over 30 pounds and 11% body fat.  I have tried a personal trainer from different places before along with other programs and I have NEVER seen the results that I have achieved with Horizon.  I’m a tried and true member and know I will always maintain what I have achieved.

Horizon is simply the best!

Robin Z.
Suffield, CT

Connecticut Personal Trainer Reviews: Robin Z.
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