Bill Y. (Personal Trainer)

Bill was introduced to the world of fitness, nutrition and health as a young child, because his father was a very successful Personal Trainer. In later years, Bill became a Horizon client as a youth athlete, and achieved his own transformation.
When a friend asked for Bill’s help in losing weight, several years ago, Bill jumped at the chance, and went on to help that friend lose 70 to 80 pounds of fat by training him and providing him with a sound nutrition plan. It was then that Bill had an epiphany: He knew he wanted to make Personal Training a career, because he took great pleasure in helping others transform themselves.
Bill is a recent graduate of the Tony Robbins course “Unleash the Power Within,” and even achieved Firewalker status.
He has been a personal trainer for over two years, and his future goals include becoming more than just a trainer, but a Life Coach, so he can help change, not only people’s bodies but also, their mindset and attitudes.

“If there are no doors of opportunity, build one.”