Justin W. (General Manager)

Justin W. (General Manager)

Justin’s strong passion for fitness began at a young age, where he was a multi-sport athlete, competing in high school football, indoor and outdoor track, baseball and basketball, as well as being an active member of the weightlifting team. He then earned a B.S. degree at Eastern Connecticut State University, majoring in Sport and Leisure Management –with a concentration in Sports Science Performance, helpful in his training as an active member of the ECSU track team –and minoring in Health and Physical Education.

Life took Justin on a rollercoaster when he tore his hamstring and required a year of recovery and retraining. During this period, Justin fell in love with bodybuilding. He spent years training his own muscle groups and absorbing as much information as he could about the human body.

Upon graduation, Justin began working as a personal trainer; he has over 7 years of personal training experience, where he has accumulated the necessary tools needed for all clients to succeed.

Not only does he help clients change their lifestyles and habits, but he also practices what he preaches. Justin prides himself on sticking to healthy nutrition, clean eating and exercise routines, all of which have allowed him to compete in four bodybuilding competitions in the “Men’s Physique” category. In all four competitions, Justin has placed in the Top 3. Because he has personal experience sticking to clean eating and exercise, Justin has been and will be very helpful when a client needs motivation or that extra push, because he has been in that situation many times himself.

From being a personal trainer, Justin worked his way up to the position of General Manager, where he developed various leadership and management skills to help his team succeed. As a Manager, Justin did not give up his love for personal training, and over time, has worked with many clients with a wide variety of goals, including major weight loss, toning up, and increasing athletic ability and stamina.

Justin feels that the best part about his job is changing clients’ lives and watching them transform into who they want to be.

“Don’t make excuses; make improvements.”
“The mind gives up before the body.”


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