Kyle R. (Personal Trainer)

Kyle has always been an athlete, playing baseball and soccer for 15 years.  However, during his time at UConn where he graduated with a Bachelor’s degree, he put on a significant amount of weight and became unhappy with his body appearance.

Kyle started his fitness journey 5 years ago at a whopping 35% body fat and 234 pounds. Today, he is a lean 10-11% body fat and 185 pounds. Kyle had his own personal trainer for about 8 months, and he knows what it takes to pull off a successful transformation. Afterward, Kyle have put in countless hours of research related to exercise programming and nutrition. In addition, he is NASM certified and working towards getting nutrition certified through NASM as well.

“The fitness industry is my passion and I truly believe I can help anyone achieve their goal. My goal is to help as many people achieve their fitness and health goals as I possibly can!”

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