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Take Control of Your Life With The Ultimate Online CUSTOM MENTORING Program

online mentoring training
This Customized Training Program, specifically to achieve your goal. I consider your lifestyle habits, work schedule, equipment/facility availability, past injuries and training background, and will revise/update your program every 4 weeks to ensure you are adjusting to your new increased fitness level.

online mentoring nutrition
The Customized Nutrition Program compliments your training and lifestyle to help reach your fitness goals faster. Simple to learn, the plan is modified every 2 – 4 weeks, if needed, to ensure variety and optimum goal attainment. Included: TONS of recipes and a food shopping list to take the guess work out of it!

online mentoring mindset
Bill Yeager has developed a Mindset Training Program called Internal Drive that challenges your thinking and delivers lasting change. After training 1000s of champions, Bill discovered the necessary mindset needed to succeed. He includes “homework,” ensuring a deeper understanding on how to unlock your full potential. Bill shows you how to adopt a growth mindset, and create change in your body and life. Motivation becomes easy instead of tapping into will power.

Connecticut Personal Training Results - Sue
Jen Personal Trainer Southington CT


online mentoring coaching
Coaching Calls – There are DIY options or with a virtual via video with your trainer who will coach you through challenges that you may be having, and give the guidance needed. With your own personal coach, these calls are a great way to stay motivated and on track with your goals.

online mentoring coaching
24/7 Support & Correspondence via text with your trainer– You will be guided every step of the way, between coaching calls. Having 24/7 access ensures you never lose motivation and stay on track. We’re committed to your success!

online mentoring community
Full Access to an exclusive online Facebook page to enhance support, motivation, & accountability with like-minded clients. Be a part of a forum where you uplift one another and encourage each other along your fitness journeys.

personal trainer in Waterbury CT Amanda
Amy Fitness Trainer Waterbury Connecticut


online mentoring connect
How the Program works – After the initial consultation, you will have direct access to our app, where we will provide programming, track & record results, conduct technique & video analysis, and communicate directly. We will be checking progress daily, coaching and issuing feedback during sessions. We will be adjusting programming if necessary and ensuring you are on track and safe.

online mentoring training
Programming is customized for each individual. You don’t require access to a gym, or much equipment, if any, you can use body weight in most cases. The PC and app login provided will make it very simple to perform anywhere.

online mentoring budget
Our Online Mentoring Program was designed to make it as affordable as possible to work with Bill 1-on-1. There are different options available starting at $59!

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