Fitness Coaching Available Worldwide!

Bill Yeager is the first ever to Invent and use:

S.R.C. Sensory Response Conditioning

S.R.C. is a series of steps and assignments to ensure that you are REALLY ready for success towards changing your body and changing your Life!

Experience Passion, Purpose, Vision, Focus, Commitment, Determination, Desire, Drive

All Generated by YOU, your thoughts, feelings and emotions!!!

Breakthroughs & Discoveries:

• Redirect your Focus!
• Why you want it! (Clear Vision)
• Find what has been holding you back!
• Conquer limiting Beliefs and Fears
• Find what motivates YOU (Build YOUR Momentum!)
• A Specific ongoing Achievement Map!
• Live Life at your High Points as YOU Define it!
• Enjoy the Process!!!

Worldwide Fitness Coaching Process: (All conversations are done through e-mail)

1) Bill Yeager will only accept Clients who can clearly explain in writing WHY they MUST make a change. (No fee for submittal)
2) (If accepted as a client) S.R.C. assignments are given. (Lasts about a week)
3) Nutrition and Training Guidelines are given.
4) Any consulting is done via unlimited e-mail during the entire process as needed.

Investment: $79.00 per hr.
*E-mails are timed for accuracy during consulting process to be sure you get the best value for your purchase. The amount of time used and time left will be displayed at the bottom of each e-mail response.

**Payment is accepted via phone (Phone number given upon acceptance)

*** ONLY About 1-3 hrs. needed!

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