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Taylor Kelly (aka the Zumba Queen of CT)

This is my 10th year teaching Zumba® Fitness, and my life has changed so much in this time! I went from being an overweight very proud stay at home mom to an accidental fitness freak. NEVER in a million years did I expect my life would take such an interesting turn, but my first Zumba® class was the last day of the old me! I found a connection to my spirit in class. Exercise was something of a chore for me, but I knew it was necessary, and I knew I needed it! I stumbled upon a Zumba® class after being bored in the gym. I never looked back. Teaching for me is a way to share the joy and passion that I feel for this life changing program. CHECK OUT MY CLASS SCHEDULE AND COME parTAY with me!

We’re looking for 10 people who love a Zumba Party to try our class absolutely FREE, if you decide to join, you get 25% OFF for launching ZUMBA at Horizon! DEAL ENDS when 10 people join!

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Zumba Classes Cheshire

Ten years ago, I took my first Zumba® class, and by the 3rd song in, I felt my whole world open up! It was the first time in my life that I felt a strong calling to make myself happy! I grew up watching MTV videos of Michael Jackson Madonna and Paula Abdul and dreaming of dancing, but it was not something I had the courage to try. So at 38 years old, I figured this was it. Now or never! What started as a huge leap of faith for myself just to make it up to the front row in class, snowballed into a series of giant leaps out of my comfort Zone! Long story short, I never set out to teach. I was just living breathing and dreaming Zumba® and I believe the experiences that I’ve had in the last ten years have been truly magical! I’ve been blessed with opportunities I never imagined possible. I’ve had the privilege of having 20 plus students become instructors themselves. I’ve made friendships that will last a lifetime. I became licensed in Zumba® Basic 1&2 in 2008. In 2009, I took my training with the creator of Zumba® himself, Beto Perez. I’m licensed in Zumba®  Zumba® Toning  Zumba®  Gold  Zumba® Kids  Zumba® Step  Zumba® Gold Toning  Aqua Zumba®  and Strong by Zumba® . I’m AFAA certified and CPR AED CERTIFIED.

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Zumba Cheshire CT

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