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Take Those Wins!!

Praise yourself for a job well done. The job that I speak of does not always have to be something big like losing 40 pounds in one month. It may be something as small as choosing whole grain over white bread. Many people are too hard on themselves and stare at the “big picture” with blinders on. Recognize the small things that add up. Big change does not happen overnight. Taking pride in the small steps that will eventually lead to the “big picture”, or goal, is crucial. Staying motivated can be tough, especially if progress is slow. Many people choose to let numbers dictate whether or not they’re satisfied, or to tell them if they are headed in the right direction. Many times clients will come and be discouraged by a bad weigh in, and yet on the same day, they hit weight that they have never hit before. That’s a win! Additionally, in these “bad weigh in” scenarios, clients will take circumference measurements and notice that they’ve lost an inch around their waist line. We must take encouragement from everywhere that we can get it. Being discouraged may weaken the mindset to the point of wanting to give up and giving up should not be an option. Keep the goal in mind attack it! A strong mindset will aid in realizing the small gains that have been made, and they WILL add up to eventually be a transformation or huge change in the right direction. Objective things like numbers are nice to keep us on track, but they are not all we have to choose from. There are other things to consider. You may feel stronger although numbers aren’t changing as quickly as you’d like them to. Your Energy levels may increase. Going up stairs may not be as tiring as it used to be. Notice these things, and motivation will be coming at you from all angles. Choosing whole grain over white bread is one of the many small battles that must be won in the war that is weight loss, or goal achievement. So take those wins! Did you choose lean meat over beef? Water over juice? Did your weight remain the same but clothes are fitting better? If so, take it and run with it! Win the small battles and recognize the self-control that you used to do it. Keep the ball rolling, and before you know it, you will have crushed your goal, and will be on to the next one! Stay consistent, keep the mindset strong, and the results will surely follow.

Personal Trainer in CT, Jerome

Written by Jerome P.

Jerome was very active in High School, participating in football, tennis and wrestling. After high school, Jerome’s focus went to adjusting to college and working, which left no time for physical activity. The “freshman 15” crept up on Jerome quickly, and in just 2 years he found himself to be 40lbs heavier than he was in high school. After attempting p90x several times, Jerome finally decided to stick to it and lost 50lbs in the process. Overjoyed with the excitement of not only losing weight but also reaching a set goal, Jerome discovered that his passion lies in helping others to achieve the same awesome sense of accomplishment and well-being in their lives. Following this, Jerome completely changed his path in college from being a business major to majoring in exercise science at CCSU. Jerome is NASM certified trainer and is on track to graduate CCSU in only 2 more semesters. Jerome is also currently training for his first amateur bodybuilding competition.