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  • Sophia Senior Training
    Sophia Senior Personal Training CT “My flexibility and stamina is so much better!”
  • Senior Citizen Personal Training
    for Flexibility, Cardio Endurance, Strength and Rehabilitation

    Senior Citizen Personal Training in CT

    Type: One-on-One Personal Training

    Ages: 60+

    Program: You have many options and packages to choose from regarding how many hours per week of personal training recommended. You may choose from 1 Half Hour per week Session up to 6 days of conditioning per week. Please contact us for your consultation so we can work together to find what fits your needs the best.


    Partners Option: At a discounted rate you may add up to 2 more Seniors to join a program together at your request.

    Nutrition Training Option: (Highly Recommended) You may purchase the nutrition training program to help accelerate the retention of your goals.

    • The Initial Instruction lasts about 1 hour and is private
    • Follow-Up Training & Accountability will be done at every exercise session, you are asked to bring in your nutrition follow-up guide every day
    • Expect Healthy and Balanced meal planning, no deprivation
    • May have occasional “Free Meals”
    • Will be more conscious of drinking water
    • Decrease preferences for junk foods
    • We Hold High Confidentiality Standards

    To learn more in depth information about our methods that are used for all of our programs, please visit our Complete Services and Descriptions Page

    Please contact us for your consultation so we can work together to find what fits your youths needs the best.

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