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Functional & Fitness Diagnostic Testing & Corrective Training

Fitness Test

FOR: Athletes, Youth Weight Management, Adults & Seniors

Training Clients take advantage of this thorough diagnostic assessment!

Your Certified Personal Trainer will perform Functional Diagnostic Testing to identify movement asymmetries or major limitations in functional movement patterns. The tools used evaluate movement but are separated by a clear distinct marker. The participant is put through a movement based diagnostic system, designed to clinically assess several fundamental movement patterns in those with known musculoskeletal pain or discomfort, to identify patterns that are key to functional movement quality in individuals with no current pain complaint or known musculoskeletal injury.. The assessment provides an efficient process to systematically find the cause of symptoms, not just the source, by logically breaking down dysfunctional patterns and diagnosing their root cause as either a mobility problem or a stability/motor control problem.

These movement patterns are designed to provide observable performance of basic loco motor, manipulative and stabilizing movements by placing an individual in positions where weaknesses and imbalances become noticeable if appropriate mobility and motor control is not utilized.

This systematic process also allows clinicians to clearly match their intervention to the main problem of the patient. This model efficiently integrates the concepts of altered motor control, the neurodevelopmental perspective, and regional interdependence into musculoskeletal practice.

Fitness Test

»Why is this important?

  • Movement Matters, doesn’t it?: Your movement efficiency is an essential component to reducing the risk of injury and reaching the best levels of performance.
  • Systematic Approach: A reliable baseline to screen and assess movement is important to providing actionable and effective steps for performance and recovery.
  • Communication: The method allows for performance & rehabilitation professionals to speak the same language when communicating client development and treatment.
  • You will find where any pain or restrictions are coming from and finally put them to rest: In most cases, alleviate pain and restrictions in shoulders, back, neck, knee, elbows and ankles.
  • Corrective Exercises are instilled in your fitness program: A systematic and simple routine will be performed to correct any restrictions, imbalances or anything else found in our multi-page report.

Fitness Test


How do you compare to your teammates? How do you compare to your opponents?
Do you want to get faster? Stronger? Have the best season of your career?

To be the best you need to have the best training and it all starts with proper testing! Our Fitness Diagnostic Test takes into account ALL aspects of being an athlete. Our fitness diagnostic test will screen you to determine if you are moving efficiently! Why is this important? If you are not moving efficiently you’re not be performing at your top potential! If your muscles are firing inefficiently it is like running a 40 or doing a vertical jump with a 50lb weight strapped to your ankles! Let us help you unlock your full potential!

We also look from muscular compensations! When certain muscles are stronger or tighter than their counterparts it’ll create muscular compensations which are precursors to injuries! With this fitness diagnostic test it helps us ensure injury prevention!

-Youth Weight Management:

Our body transformation program has proven that it’ll get weight loss results countless times! How have we improved our Body Transformation Program? He have paired it with our Fitness Diagnostic Test. When the Body Transformation Program is paired with proper corrective exercises that make the body work efficiently, the pounds tend to just melt away!


Do you have lower back pain? Shoulder/neck pain? “Bad Knees”? Our Fitness Diagnostic Test helps figure out what is going on in your body that are causing all those ailments! Over time every person’s body learn and creates new bad “movement habits”, these inefficient movement patterns create a lot of the common pains most adults experience! When we use our Fitness Diagnostic Test to find these compensations and create a corrective exercise plan you will be moving and feeling better quicker than you could ever imagine!


Worried about your balance and falling? Feeling weaker than you ever thought you would! Our Fitness Diagnostic Test allows us to find the results of the years of abuse your body has been through! With careful corrective exercise selection you will be more stable and stronger than ever!


CT Personal Trainer, Josh

“Our flexibility was way off, tighter than tight and we were struggling. The first Diagnostic Test that you do with your trainer really looks at your overall body and ability and thanks to them targeting those things, we have made huge gains, I’m a lot more flexible and my shoulder and neck pain are gone!”, Gianna Gurga