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    ***Because proper nutritional planning and Body Composition testing is so significant in changing your body (and creating momentum), it is included in all of our Programs!***

    Nutrition and Meal Planning Overview
    For Adults, Youth or Senior Clients, you are shown how simple meal planning can be using basic nutritious foods. Meal planning is crucial to any physique transformation or exercise routine. With exercise, your body will constantly be degenerating itself, while it regenerates with proper nutrition, your body will have the correct amount of balanced foods to build your best body.

    These techniques are designed based on your goals, body measurements & composition, assessments, made simple for any busy lifestyle and designed to stabilize blood sugar levels. Which means constant energy throughout the day without hunger pains, instead of peaks and slumps of low energy. What you’re taught is a lifestyle of eating properly while also reaching your goals!

    Individualized Fat Burning & Muscle Toning Programs
    A fitness routine is designed to reach your goal as fast as possible based on your current lifestyle. This program is based on increasing the body’s natural metabolism to increase the amount of fat burned to provide energy. Shaping and toning the muscular system will slightly increase muscle size and shape for defined curvature. In this program members will take part in cardio respiratory training and resistance training. Each cardio session is designed to burn fat not only throughout the exercise but throughout the day and sleep as well, by speeding up the metabolism. This is done by short bursts of intensity, so you won’t be working at the same boring speed which is the result of most failures at the gym. Most cardio sessions last about a half hour, making it easier for those with a busy lifestyle yet more effective than spending hours in a hot gym. The resistance training is a routine combined on separate days than the cardio training. This type of session is also designed to speed up the metabolism and burn fat faster. By just adding a little more muscle to the body it will have a better shape and tone without looking too muscular. These sessions will typically last between 45 min. – 1 hour.

    Lean Muscle Mass Building Programs
    This is a routine designed to build solid muscle mass by increasing the natural metabolic rate and enhancing cell performance for optimal muscle cell growth and recovery during and after exercise. Weight training sessions will be performed based on any individual’s lifestyle, typically lasting about an hour each session. Cardio sessions will also be a part of this program which as clinical studies show will be most beneficial for fast muscle growth and fat loss. Cardio sessions will last between 20-30 minutes.

    Sports Conditioning
    As athletes mature, it is important to incorporate strength, agility, speed, balance, endurance, hand-eye coordination, foot-eye coordination, reaction ability, movement skills and mental focus in order to enhance their sport performance . Training is designed to educate the athlete in a fun, safe and dynamic learning environment.

    Horizon draws upon Bunique techniques which build athletic skills in a fun and encouraging atmosphere. ‘Non-athletes’ will leave with improved movement skills, enhanced confidence and self esteem. Young athletes accelerate their development and build a foundation which will give them an advantage in any sport. Research has shown that exercise can improve mental awareness and focus which will reflect in the classroom as well. Horizon also accepts adult participants who desire to improve their athletic abilities.

    Body Composition Testing
    Your body composition may be tested weekly. Me use a very comfortable form of measurement instead of the “pinch test” for your comfort. This will show us the percent of body fat on your body. Also body fat in lbs. and lean mass in lbs. We can put an exact number on how much fat is being lost and lean muscle growth each week. Most fat burning members can lose up to 4 lbs. of fat a week. Muscle building members can gain up to 2-4 lbs. of lean muscle mass a week.

    Please contact us for your consultation so we can work together to find what fits your needs the best.

    To learn more in depth information about our methods that are used for all of our programs, please visit our Complete Services and Descriptions Page

    To change your body fast and efficiently like so many others have, you need three keys: cardio, resistance training, proper meal planning. We take the guesswork away from all that and design a program for you. All you have to do is come in. Your trainer will constantly log cardio distance and speeds to set goals for the next session. Also resistance training reps, rests and weight will be logged every session as well. This method is too often overlooked. When you set goals and achieve them, you not only build a healthier body but a stronger mind and confidence level. We get asked all the time, “What is the one thing that you do to build your best abs or physique?” I think the problem in this day of age with well advertised infomercial ab equipment and supplements is that so many people want that quick fix. Unfortunately ending up in a corner in a basement with the rest of the “quick fixs”. So when someone is looking for that one thing I ask them to look deep inside their heart. Do you want your best body bad enough? It is the combination of training, meal planning and a intense desire to change. I also steer away from dieting alone. Depleting calories or carbs to lose weight will drop pounds of muscle mass and little fat while lowering your metabolism. The weight that is lost is mainly muscle mass so the scale might drop but so does your metabolism! This is why so many people end up in smaller frames and still look flabby. After starving themselves for so long people have the tendency to want to eat but the weight comes right back all the weight turning into fat. This is why my programs work so well. When you reach your goal you have a higher metabolism to keep the weight off!

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