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Our WHY: “Your Success is our Passion!”

Every employee of Horizon has personally gone through a fitness transformation and breakthrough.

When you reach your goals, we are overwhelmed with joy and a feeling of significance. There is no better sensation in the world than being a part of sharing that with you.

This is our WHY, our Motivation, our Passion and our Purpose!


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Our Clients: “It’s ALL About YOU!”

Our goal is to make your visits with us the BEST part of your day!

Our clients love and appreciate the private atmosphere, our friendly staff, a system that’s proven to reach their goals and our ability to hold them accountable to achieve RESULTS!
What we love about our clients is that you give us a sense of purpose; we get to experience your triumphs along with you as you achieve your short term goals to reach the long term ones. We feel like we relive our own transformations through yours. This feeling of significance is very powerful to us; it’s so gratifying to be an essential part of your transformations.



Our Employees: “When our People are happy, our Clients are too.”

At Horizon, we believe in making each client’s visit with us the best part of their day. In order to achieve this goal, it’s important to make it our employees’ too!

Jerome P. PersonalTrainer in CT

“There’s times where life ‘hits you’ and you’re down. It happens to all of us. It feels so great to go to work and it seems to disappear. Our entire team is an awesome group of people who are fun, animated and motivating. I think it’s quite an amazing phenomenon; it’s really very unique and special!” Jerome P.



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Our Company Story: How it All Began!

Meet Horizon’s Founder, Bill Yeager

Bill Yeager is a renowned success coach, speaker, and inspirational writer, recognized as a Facebook public figure and Amazon international best-selling author of “Unleash Your Internal Drive.” Having received personal coaching from Tony Robbins and mastering the art of fire walking, Bill has played a pivotal role in inspiring over 500,000 individuals globally to embark on transformative journeys.

Originally acclaimed as the Body-for-Life Champion for the 2001 Challenge, Bill has been featured on major platforms such as Sharkpreneur with Kevin Harrington, FOX, NBC, and ABC. Beyond his literary achievements, he is a fitness entrepreneur, author of numerous fitness articles and books, and serves as the president of multiple personal training businesses. His influence extends as an advisor to fitness enterprises across the nation.

The Story Begins

For over three decades, Bill has immersed himself in the world of fitness, drawing knowledge from his father, a successful collegiate athletic personal trainer. Hailing from Cheshire, Connecticut, Bill’s early engagement in various sports fueled his passion for transformation and a quest for knowledge in building muscle mass to enhance his athleticism. As he delved deeper into training, Bill discovered a newfound enjoyment in strength and conditioning, surpassing his interest in the sports themselves.

Driven by a relentless pursuit of physical improvement, Bill continuously experimented with different techniques to maximize his strength. His own physical changes became a testament to his commitment, prompting others to seek his guidance based on the example set by his physique.

However, at the age of 19, Bill temporarily diverted from his fitness routines to make ends meet, working first as an automotive technician and later as a painting contractor. The demanding nature of his job, coupled with long hours and poor working conditions, took a toll on his attitude, happiness, and body. This challenging period resulted in weight gain and a grumpy disposition towards his family and friends.

Bill Yeager’s Transformation Story

Bill Yeager Before and After

Out of the blue, one of Bill’s friends invited him to join a local gym for a workout. As he lifted weights, Bill couldn’t ignore the realization that his body had become flabby and considerably weaker, lacking the energy to sustain his efforts.

Leaving the gym that day feeling disgusted and upset, Bill, driven by his dissatisfaction with his physique, embarked on a journey of “dieting” and exercise. However, his approach posed a challenge; he limited his meals to salads and engaged in nightly long-distance running. The outcome was far from his goal, as Bill ended up looking smaller, skinny, and lacking muscle. Disheartened by his now smaller frame and a body with a slower metabolism, Bill’s discouragement grew. Any deviation from his strict routine, such as a cheat meal, led to a rapid regain of the lost weight.

Around a year later, still dissatisfied with his health, Bill opted for a more informed approach to physique development. He delved into knowledge about proper nutrition, supplementation, and strength training, seeking insights from world-renowned leaders like Bill Phillips and Anthony Robbins. Armed with updated perspectives, Bill made a renewed attempt at changing his body.


Since 1997, EAS has been sponsoring the 12-week physique transformation contest, and for Bill, the timing couldn’t have been better. His motivation stemmed not only from the desire to change his body but also from an intense longing to WIN. Why? Bill’s discontent with his job had reached a point of loathing, recognizing that the negativity in his workplace was taking a toll on him. Despite earning good money, he felt compelled to stay to make ends meet. Winning the contest represented a potential life-changing opportunity for him – a chance to become an example to others and work for EAS, a global leader in sports nutrition and fitness strategies. This contest was Bill’s escape route.

Dedicating himself to a 12-week training and nutrition program, Bill underwent a remarkable transformation. After completing the challenge, he anxiously awaited the results for nine months, clinging to the hope that he might emerge as one of the winners. True to his aspirations, in January 2002, Bill received a life-altering phone call from the judges declaring him the victor.

Leaving his job as a contractor, Bill seized the newfound opportunities. His renewed purpose was to demonstrate to ordinary individuals, much like himself, how simple and swift it could be to transform their physique through proper exercise, nutrition, and mindset.

Beyond achieving and surpassing his goals in the competition, Bill didn’t just dramatically change his physique; he laid the groundwork for a new lifestyle. Now equipped with energy and clarity of thought, Yeager exudes a newfound confidence, firmly believing that when you set your mind to something, you can achieve anything!


Through extensive research, Bill Yeager has cultivated a profound understanding and clear vision regarding the pivotal role of nutrition in fostering a stronger, healthier body. These insights have led him to collaborate with a diverse array of professionals, including nutritionists, physicians, physical therapists, and top scientists worldwide, facilitated through his association with EAS.

Since 2001, Bill has firmly believed in the efficacy of a structured one-on-one training program, viewing it as the key to people’s success. This approach creates an empowering environment, equipping individuals with techniques to enhance both their physical and mental strength. Grounded in these principles, Bill has fostered a culture at Horizon Personal Training that emphasizes reaching down and uplifting others within an honest and positive atmosphere.

Bill initiated Horizon Personal Training with the intention of extending the gift of success to others who may be grappling with physical and mental changes. This gift mirrors the success he himself achieved.

Originally starting as a personal trainer, Bill’s overwhelming demand led him to bring in additional assistance. Only trainers who have undergone their own transformative journeys and share Bill’s passion for assisting others can join the Horizon team.

Bill continues to set an example as a global leader in physique transformations, earning recognition in various media outlets such as fitness magazines, television, the internet, radio, newspapers, advertisements, newsletters, and nationwide fitness camps. As a leading success coach, personal trainer, inspirational writer, and fitness enthusiast, he has inspired over 500,000 individuals worldwide to transform their lives. Bill is most notably acknowledged as the Body-for-Life Champion for the 2001 Challenge and is the author of numerous fitness articles and books. Additionally, he serves as the president of Horizon Personal Training & Nutrition.


Our Community

From the beginning Horizon has been committed to giving back to our local Connecticut community and beyond.
Leading by example, we feel very strongly that we all need to appreciate what we have and contribute as much as possible.

“The best exercise we can do is to reach down and lift others up!”

Horizon’s team is honored to support the following organizations:

  • Connecticut Children’s Medical Center
  • American Cancer Society
  • St. Baldrick’s Foundation
  • Immune Deficiency Foundation
  • Joe & Kay Calvanese Foundation
  • St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital
  • Make-A-Wish Foundation
  • CT Food Bank
  • Bread For Life
  • Stuff-a-Bus
  • “From the Heart Toy Drive”
  • Adopt a Family
  • Toys for Tots
  • Briarwood College
  • Suzanne M. Di Lernia Memorial Scholarship Fundraiser
  • CCS Children’s Community School
  • Abilities Without Boundaries
  • Making Strides Against Breast Cancer
  • Many Local P. B. A’s (Police Benevolent Associations)
  • Local Chamber of Commerce
  • Branford Hall Career Institute
  • Clear Channel Communications