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CT Personal Trainer Friends

*Amy A. Southington, CT

I was lucky enough to learn about Horizon from a friend. Since I started working out at Horizon I immediately noticed results! I had my second baby in June of 2015 and was stuck with my workouts. Josh got me moving on my nutrition plan and workouts! I started having fun and enjoying workouts again. It was definitely the boost I needed to get over the post-baby hump and get back into shape. I have even trained with Nene and she kicked my butt just as much as Josh does! Everyone is so nice and supportive! I sustained a knee injury and Josh worked around it and the results just kept coming, it was like I never skipped a beat during the month I couldn’t do ANY lower body! Now I am down to my pre-pregnancy weight from my first child! This place is great-highly recommended!!”


*Samantha L. Berlin, CT

Horizon is by far one of the best experiences I have had with personal training. Their methods are so effective and they are so knowledgeable about what it takes and how to get you there! It’s the first time I truly feel like a trainer is invested in helping me reach my goals and I have seen changes already in just a few weeks. I never thought I’d be able to lose weight and get fit like I want to without having to count calories and yet here I am doing it and not feeling like I am “dieting” I’d recommend them to anyone serious about their fitness goals!!


*Joe G. Cheshire, CT

In a matter of weeks I was able to make a transformation that I haven’t been able to do in a lifetime. The coaching, inspiration, motivation and meal planning all came together very quickly. I can’t believe how great of results I was able to obtain. I still need to buy new clothes! Thanks so much for the support, you guys are a great team and really impressed me in every way possible.


*Sue V. Bristol, CT

Thank you for saving my life! It sounds bold but it is exactly true. I couldn’t stand the way I looked in the mirror before meeting with you guys. Since the consultation you have always been so honest and supportive of me. I was shocked how quickly I saw results which gave me the momentum I needed to keep seeing more. The diet was way easier than I though it would be too which turned out to be a way of eating for a lifestyle change.


*J.T. Meriden, CT

I struggled so many times to see results on my own. I even tried a personal trainer from a gym and nearly gave up until I figured I’d give it one more try at Horizon. I was greeted with a warm welcome from the start and saw weight loss in 1 week! I was so happy and excited to have begun with results and that it carried through on a weekly bases. The techniques and atmosphere is extraordinary. I’d recommend Horizon Personal Training to anyone looking for results!


*Art R. Southington, CT

I really didn’t believe that all their transformation pictures were real until I did it myself! I knew I would give it 100% and I think in doing so I was able to achieve such an awesome change in my fitness and strength. I tell everyone that they to can do it because the meal plan and training is actually simple, not easy but simple, they just need to commit and the results will come. Thanks Horizon Personal Training, the whole team had an impact on my changes.


*Greg R. Bristol, CT

Horizon and their team of fitness trainers are the best. I always feel comfortable and welcomed when I’m there. The results speak for themselves! Thanks you so much for helping me finally reach my goals, increase my energy levels and to keep it going for so long. The changes I made have proven to be lifestyle changes.


*Spencer L. Southington, CT

From Mom: My son has been a client for 2 months and I can’t even begin to express the positive changes that have taken place. From day one, the staff has been extremely professional and helpful. My son speaks so highly of his trainer and is extremely pleased with the results that he notices on a daily/weekly basis. They definitely have helped him create a healthy lifestyle and we are so happy with our choice. Horizon Personal Training cares about their customers, and they dedicate 100% to each of them in a safe and positive environment, while providing the tools and motivation to keep you on the healthy track! You guys are the BEST and I am so happy that Spencer has formed a relationship with you! ~ HPT…creating healthy futures!


*William Y. Southington, CT

I already had some muscle but I wanted to get leaner and gain some more at the same time. By following the meal plan as instructed and training without missing a session, I was able to achieve my goals. I think the exterior changes are impressive however, the internal changes in both my mindset and how much happier I am certainly trumps the way I look. The tools I learned along this journey are incredible.


*Sara P. Bristol, CT

I’m 22 years old and originally joined horizon with the goal of passing the police CHIP test. Less than two months later, I passed it and am currently on multiple hiring lists. Since then, I continue to train with a new goal of losing fat and gaining muscle. I have always been a foodie, eating everything and anything that is unhealthy. I have learned through Horizon’s Nutrition Program how to make better choices and feel like a much healthier person. Joining Horizon was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.


*Joe Z. Southington, CT

In the past 8 months, Horizon Personal Training has helped me transform from 138 to 155 pounds, increasing both my lean muscle mass and my ability to compete in soccer at the varsity high school level as a sophomore. The workouts I was put through tested not only my physical endurance but also my mental strength. These sessions were something to look forward to. The staff takes on a personal approach and they allow you to feel comfortable.


*Cole S. Southington, CT

Youth Sports Training: “Horizon Personal Training has not only helped me look better and perform better in soccer but it has made me feel better. Thank you for pushing me to my limits during training sessions.”

* Individual Results may vary


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