I started Horizon Personal Training and Nutrition the summer of 2009 after looking through their website. I wasn’t worried about my weight but more worried about my fat percentage. I sat down and talked to Bill about a game plan. Their insight about personal training is unmatched in this state. We went to another place in Connecticut that had decent training but no nutritional guidance at all. Nutrition is 80% of the battle and Horizon Personal Training and Nutrition gives you that knowledge of how to eat right. There are five areas that I think are very important when looking for a personal trainer or personal training in general; initial consultation, no nonsense approach, Affordability, Knowledge and Training.

Initial consultation: The initial consolation was/is free. We sat down with a personal trainer and we went through an initial goal assessment. You have to be honest with yourself because you’ll only hurt yourself if you lie. I was extremely honest. Saying that I would love to walk on the beach without a shirt on and not get looked at like a beached whale.

No nonsense approach: My personal trainer and the rest of the staff are there to guide you. It is up to you to do the exercises, eat correct, and follow the program. It’s not their fault at all if you don’t follow the program and don’t lose weight. The Horizon Personal Training and Nutrition staff will give you the knowledge, help you train, monitor your weight and motivate you through your progress.

Affordability: Horizon Personal Training and Nutrition is very affordable. You could pay thousands of dollars at a gym, and believe me it’s thousands of dollars after all the useless services they throw at you, and not get any results. At Horizon Personal Training and Nutrition, you get results. The personal trainers share their knowledge with you how to work out efficiently for the maximum results.

Knowledge: I can’t say enough about what Bill and his personal trainers know about training. Their knowledge in the area of weight training goes beyond any other personal trainer I know. They can go into great detail about the body or just keep it simple for you to get the result you want, but it’s all up to you.

Training: Hardcore! When you work out with Their personal trainers you will work out. The personal trainers will push you to reach limits you never thought you could reach and then go beyond those limits. Finally, to Bill and his personal training staff, thank you for helping me stay on the road to fitness. This is not just a one time thing were you work out for so many weeks. This is something you must continue for the rest of your life. Bill’s team of personal trainers will keep you on track for your entire life if you like.

Kevin M.
Technology Risk Analyst
Meriden, CT

Age 39

Connecticut Personal Trainer Reviews: Kevin