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    To see results, you need to feed your body what you, individually, need!

    Nutrition and Meal Planning Overview
    For Adults, Youth or Senior Clients, you are shown how simple meal planning can be, using basic nutritious foods. Meal planning is crucial to any physique transformation or exercise routine. With exercise, your body will constantly be taxed. Proper nutrition and the right balance of food and macronutrients, however, will allow it to regenerate, and allow you to build your best body.

    These techniques are customized to your goals, assessments, body measurements and composition, are made simple for any busy lifestyle, and are designed to stabilize blood sugar levels. This means constant energy throughout the day, without hunger pangs, and with no peaks and slumps of low energy. What you’re taught is a lifestyle of eating properly, while also reaching your goals!

    nutritionist Personal Trainer in Connecticut

    Meal Plan Design
    Your very first training session will be the foundation of the program: your nutrition training! Our Members are shown how simple meal planning can be, using basic nutritious foods. No “trick diets.” Just the right portions of proteins, carbs and veggies that you get to choose from, and that you enjoy! We make it so simple to learn how to do, and it usually only takes about 30 to 60 minutes. What’s so great about this instruction is that we show you, not only how to eat to reach your goal, but also how to use these eating habits as a way of life. There is no confusion as to “what’s next, after I reach my goals?”

    You will receive our:

    • 10 simple and basic principles to follow
    • A complete list of delicious foods to choose from
    • A full week example for reference
    • A starting map with the foods you enjoy (that you choose from) to eliminate confusion
    • Food logs to follow as you go, for simplicity, but more importantly, to hold you accountable!
    • Detailed information to understand WHY our principles work
    • Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner Recipes

    The “FREE DAY” (or “free meal”): You should think of the free day/meal as an opportunity to choose “unauthorized” foods. It’s not about losing control. That being said, listen to your body but eat what you want! Metabolically, you’re trying to convince your body that it doesn’t have to lower its metabolism, shed muscle, or defend its fat stores in response to the change in its “environment”… which will also increase the speed that you lose body fat & gain muscle!!!

    Continued Accountability & Counseling
    Every time we see you, you submit your logs to us for an evaluation to make sure you are on track towards success and to make any adjustments, if needed. During this evaluation, we assess if all of the principles are being followed to ensure your weekly success (during body composition tests & measurements) and success towards your goal! This way, we can “kill any monsters while they are little!” If any adjustments are needed, they are made immediately. If there are any psychological reasons why your meal plan wasn’t followed (i.e., bingeing), then you are given strategies to redirect your focus to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

    The program’s design is meant to stabilize blood sugar levels and give you constant energy during your day. Clients commonly express to us that they feel a major increase in energy and well-being during the first week! There are many other mental and physical benefits to your program that we assess on a daily basis, to make sure you are experiencing what you deserve throughout this Program… A better quality of life!

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