Maintaining your Health and Fitness Routine; Finding the Motivation You Need to Achieve Results
An interview with our Personal Trainer in CT Cam

Our personal trainer in CT says “The gloves are off on this one, and it is time for Coach Cam! Sometimes the truth has to come out, and in my line of work if I wasn’t giving the truth, I wouldn’t be doing my job. We have had almost nine whole months to start planning, achieving, and most importantly– DOING!”

Kids have gone back to school. The nights have gotten a bit colder, and BAM! It is almost the end of the year. Again.

Remember those plans to start your fitness journey? You know– the New Year’s Resolutions you made to ensure that this year would be the year you started to lead a healthier lifestyle? And here it is, another year is almost over–AGAIN!


Our personal trainer in CT asks, “What have you done to bring yourself closer to your goal?”

And if you have lapsed, “What do you think caused this to happen?”


Our CT personal trainer goes on to say, “I hear excuses on a daily basis, but my all-time favorite is:

 ‘I never have enough time!’ “


He mentions that because “I don’t’ have enough time” is directly related to a plethora of linked excuses, like–

I never have enough time too:

Make healthy food;

Eat Right;


Stay Motivated.

Our CT personal trainer says, “Enough is enough. Put the excuses aside. We need to start taking action for our own health and wellness before it starts to become detrimental to our lives.”

Taking Action:

“You need to find the ‘why’ within yourself to understand what you want to achieve,” says our CT Personal Trainer, “and if we are ready to take our first steps. Grab a piece of paper and pen, then ask yourself:

Why do you want to be healthier?

You need to answer it honestly and seriously, because this is a very important question.

Are you looking to improve your flexibility and agility?

Do you want to lose weight to be a healthier role model for someone else?

Have you realized that your parents and grandparents were overweight and had health-related diseases (like diabetes or heart disease)?

Do you have a goal to be a marathon runner?

Whatever the reason, make sure it resonates with you!”


The next question our personal trainer in CT suggests you ask yourself is:

Why is being healthy (losing weight, exercising, eating right) important to you?

Do you want to prevent diseases?

Do you simply wish to have more self-confidence?

Do you want to make a big splash at your 25th high school reunion? Or wear a two-piece bathing suit on your next vacation?

The reason reveals a lot about you and it should be a specific reason.

It’s ok if you wish to maintain a fitness program and healthy lifestyle because of a “vanity reason.” Many of us want to look better, and in looking better, we will feel better about ourselves.

This can go a long way, for instance, in a career where you might have to do some public speaking, , or give presentations. The byproduct for being fit for vanity purposes, is still improved health.


Lastly our CT personal trainer suggests you ask yourself:

 What steps am I going to take in order to begin leading a healthier lifestyle?

You need a plan if you want to succeed. You can’t just wing it.

And it doesn’t matter how many steps you have; you need to make sure that you can properly do each step!

Try not to make this part complicated, or you might not be motivated to finish what you started.

Begin slowly, and work your way up the more challenging steps.


The questions you just asked yourself will lay out your foundation.


At the root, change is only instilled within ourselves. It is up to you to go ahead and make the change.

Our CT personal trainer states, “I may not be able to always change a client’s mind, but it is my job to ensure that I give my clients the proper tools to be successful! If you’re ready for change, then start by doing and stop waiting! Do what you can before you can’t!”