Eating Mindfully, NOT Mindlessly
By your top personal trainer in CT

Mindfulness with our day-to-day eating is difficult, but during the holiday season it can be even more challenging and a difficult time for many people.

How do we stay consistent with our workout and eating regimen? Everything we do starts with a thought or intention. Our intentions should not change over the holiday season, since we still need to stay focused on our long-term goals.


Eating mindfully means we need to pay attention to the foods we eat and how they make us feel. Eating mindlessly, on the other hand, means we are not giving any forethought, or intention to what we are putting in our mouths. Typically, we do this because, “hey, it’s a holiday.” But knowing how eating mindlessly will ultimately make us feel in the long run, should be enough of a deterrent to not fall into that trap.


Making good food choices during holiday parties is crucial to keep yourself in check during this time of year.

Try to limit alcohol to just two drinks. A good thing to do with mindful drinking, is to ensure you are drinking water before, during and after those drinks, and also, to try to let those cocktails last a long time. Make sure you’re doing what the party is meant for: socializing with friends!


Eat at home before going to a party. That is not to suggest that you should eat a lot before, or that you should eat both at home and at the gathering. Instead, by eating a good healthy snack or small meal, you will find that you’re not ravenous. It will take the edge off so that you can concentrate more on socializing and being with family and friends. Do not make food the focus of your party!


Continue to hydrate before the holiday get-together as well as afterward, and don’t forget to eat all of your planned meals throughout the day.


Take extra time to ensure you are preparing healthy snacks, shakes or protein bars to get you through the busy holiday shopping time.


Eating out seems to happen a lot during the holiday. Be aware of how much you do this, and try to limit the amount of times you eat out. By doing so, you won’t overeat or binge eat at a party or during your many shopping outings.


It is perfectly okay to allow yourself to enjoy some of your favorite holiday-time foods without overindulging. Balance is key!


Eating mindfully will allow all your senses to choose foods that are both satisfying and nourishing. It is imperative that you pay attention to your physical hunger and feelings of fullness and satiety. Listen to the cues your body is giving you.  That also means do not ignore being hungry, because you are too busy to eat during all the running around.


Though it is difficult, realize when you are feeling stressed, and when you feel like “stress-eating.” Pinpoint the difference between true hunger and stress-eating. Try to avoid that by identifying these feelings early on, and being more aware of your current state.


Remaining focused on a workout program is also important during the holiday season. If finding the time is too challenging, then try to plan ahead. Commit to taking a group training or a class. Do it with a friend so you are both accountable to each other. (After all, you wouldn’t break a lunch date with your friend, so you are more inclined to not break a workout date, either).


If you train with a personal trainer, then schedule your personal training sessions in advance to help keep you on task. Communicate with your trainer about your goals and any issues you are having with staying on course.


A client’s goals may change during the holiday season, and this needs to be conveyed to your training professional so he or she can help you avoid pitfalls. Maybe your goal is to kick up the cardio, including a metabolic workout, or to increase the number of sessions in which you wish to partake. Challenging yourself and taking things up a notch during the holidays will help to defray the stress, and keep your body changing towards your ultimate goal.


Talking to your personal trainer in CT about your future goals for 2018 is essential. This will continue to keep you motivated during the hectic holiday time, and it will give you a jump start into the new year!


At Horizon Personal Training Centers, we want everyone to have a happy and safe holiday season. We are here to assist you in your goals. We look forward to entering 2018 with all of our wonderful existing clients and we welcome new ones as well!

Remember: The body achieves what the mind believes!


Christine C. Personal Trainer CT

Christine C.

Since she was a teenager, fitness and living a healthy lifestyle have always been a part of Christine’s life. She is passionate about helping others achieve their fitness goals.

A few years ago, Christine changed career paths from what she was doing, and attended the National Personal Training Institute in Norwalk, CT to become a nationally certified personal trainer.

Christine has competed in five fitness competitions in Connecticut and Massachusetts, placing 3rd.  She absolutely loves what she is doing, and believes that empowering the mind to strengthen the body is the key to success.

“Being a Personal trainer has been an extremely rewarding career. Assisting clients in achieving their fitness goals, and walking them through their journey has been gratifying beyond my expectations.”