The Importance of Personal Trainers and Athletes in CT

by Rodney E.

Why are personal trainers beneficial to adult athletes?

Adult athletes can benefit greatly by hiring a trainer, because a personal trainer will help that person to obtain positive gains, become faster and more agile, achieve and maintain a positive mindset, and also, to remain conditioned.

Experienced and knowledgeable personal trainers know what an adult athlete needs, what their goals are (through conversation with the athlete) and how to get that adult athlete to reach their goals.
Personal trainers should be keeping track of the adult athlete’s progress, recording important numbers and achievements, and taking notes so that both athlete and trainer can stay on top of everything.

Personal trainers should be assisting the adult athlete with educating them on nutrition and helping them to stay the course, ensuring that the athlete has a healthy and balanced diet to stay fit and in shape, and to ensure that the athlete is fueling their bodies with quality meals.

The way a trainer will train an athlete is different than the way he or she will train a non-athlete, or someone they are training who has diabetes, high blood pressure or obesity.

Depending on the sport the adult athlete is playing, the trainer will create a focus that is specific to that client’s sport.

For example, a personal trainer who is working with a football player will often come up with football-specific goals, such as increasing the player’s speed and increasing their strength. The trainer will then focus more on tightening the core. The tighter the football player’s core, the faster he will be able to run, and the easier it will be to increase agility and change the direction of the body with lateral movements, backwards and forwards. The trainer will continue to work on total body strengthening and conditioning as well. With the case of the football player, we know that in the sport itself, there are many different positions, so when the trainer goes to work with a football player, it will help the trainer to know what position the athlete is playing. Each position requires different techniques and different movements.

It is similar if the trainer is working with an athlete who plays baseball, or soccer or other sports. The trainer will focus on the movements often done for that sport, and the necessary technique involved in those movements. Then he or she will break down what muscle groups are used for those very specific, sports-related movements, and devise a plan that will help the athlete utilize and develop those muscle groups to enhance their playing ability within the sport.

If you play a sport, consider hiring a personal trainer. That trainer will be able to take you from good, to better, to the best athlete you can be!


Rodney E. personal trainer in ct

Rodney has always loved sports, and has been playing football since he was two years old. It was always a dream of his that he wanted to make come true. He played contact football in high school for four years, but had to quit his senior year due to an injury. In the weight room, Rodney would always help other players with their form, because he knew how important it was for results and, also, to prevent injury.

Rodney was capable of coaching new players coming on to the team because he had the best form of all the players on the team. He still lives and preaches proper form to anyone who works out. Educating others on proper form, as well as using proper form himself, was what drove him to become a personal trainer—his dream job. Rodney wants to help change the lives of others by motivating them, educating them, and by making working out fun and safe. By imparting his knowledge to his clients, he knows he is doing everything in his power to help them live a happier, healthier lifestyle.