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Blog by Horizon's CT Certified Personal Trainer MICHEL! When it comes to the topic of weight loss or maintenance, everyone’s
By Joseph W. A CT Certified Personal Trainer What is the REAL Reason Why You Are Here? 5 Tips on
Post by our CT Certified Personal Trainer CAMERON! What’s going on everyone! Cameron here, and ready to share some tips
By Horizon's General Manager and CT Certified Personal Trainer Marissa W! "I was told meal replacements were only needed if
By CT Certified Personal Trainer Kennadi F. Do you find yourself working your abs several days a week but still
 By: Michel T; A CT Certified Personal Trainer! Water Is Your Friend! We’ve all heard it over a dozen times:
Joseph W. CT Certified Personal Trainer: Horizon Personal Training Centers   Why Did I Plateau and How Do I Get
By: Michele S..... A CT Certified Trainer ; Administrative Office Fitness While on Vacation  by Michele Summer! It means many
By : Amanda C. CT Top Certified Trainer Now that the summer off season has started, many youth athletes are
“Doing cardio will reduce all of your ‘gains’!” How many have heard that by doing any type of cardio will
A CT #1 Personal Trainer Cameron F. gives insight on why some individuals do not obtain the results they want!
Personal Trainer in CT, Cameron F., talks about a common injury. An ACL injury is the tearing of the anterior
Here is a review of the American diet from CT's #1 Personal Trainer: Americans today eat all kinds of different
This top CT Personal Trainer explains how and why a Total body workout can be so beneficial! In fitness there
Top CT Personal Trainer Cameron F. says it is time to stop talking about those fitness goals and to get
Top CT Trainer Cameron F. talks about why consistency is important in exercise! No matter what fitness level you are
Small overview of exercise injuries by a number one personal trainer in CT! Injuries that occur during exercise are normally due
A guide to protein put together by some of CT's #1 Personal Trainer's! What do you think of when you
Simple to-do for meal Prepping by a Top Personal Trainer in CT! Imagine one day you go to work, and
Dehydration tackled by the Number One Personal Trainer in CT! Answer this question. Are you drinking enough water? Simple yes,
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